Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Make Mobile Apps For Jewelry Stores

There is plenty of occasions when people take a chance to go to jewelry shops and buy something splendid for their sweethearts, friends and relatives. If you are a jewelry shop owner you are extremely interested in the fact that future newlyweds and the rest of people who want to give jewelry gifts and merely love it will prefer going to your shop not competitors'. To achieve this you need simply to get a mobile app. There is nothing better you can use to promote your business. Here are only some of the advantages iPhone/Ipad and Android apps can offer you and your clients:

- give more info about your products and services
- notify clients about Specials and Discounts using Push Notifications
- make appointments to come in
- purchase jewelry goods online via PayPal
- ask and answer clients questions in Forum
- provide directories to your locations
- list all you products and their description
- take a pic of your ring and send it to a shop to find out if they have something similar
- more

Go request such an app today. Snappii team will provide you with a free prototype already in the next 48 hours. First see your app running on iPhone,iPad or Android device and only then pay. We have lots of templates to perfectly meet your and  other businesses needs.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Get Your App Approved By Apple

Most businesses  create mobile apps to promote their services and products. Apple Appstore and Google Play can greatly market your business and make it popular all over the world. That's why it is important to get an iPhone or Android app live so that people could download it from the live stores and install it on their devices.  Each app can give more info about your business because most people don't like to browse your site for hours to figure out everything about you, they will prefer looking through the key points of your business, it will be enough to understand how you differ from your  competitors and what advantages you can offer. One thing is to find someone who will make your app -the another one is how to get it approved by Apple.The point is that Apple has strong filters while reviewing apps. And it is reasonable, they want to have only native and functional apps in their store so that users could really benefit  and get pleasure from using such apps. 

Snappii specializes in making powerful and native iOS and Android apps and have gone through Apple review thousands of times already. This experience helps us easily get iPhone and iPad apps approved. We know what changes should be made to get apps approved and finally make them live in the Appstore.  When we get app development request, we review it and create a prototype for totally free. If a user likes it we complete the app if needed and submit it to the Appstore. Our design and functionality implemented into the snappii apps greatly increase the chances for apps to be accepted. On the other hand we still offer DIY platform which allows making apps on your own. In most cases app builders create apps and submit them without snappii review. In some cases the result is negative as not all people can afford themselves to invest much time into their app and worry about Apple review process. If your app is completed and still there is no confidence that it will be accepted you can request Snappii review for only $150 onetime fee. Snappii team will do their best to let your app go thru.  We will do the following:

- find and upload high resolution images
- add more functionality
- remove non appropriate stuff
- add targeted description and tags
- play with colors to make the app look professional
- upload screenshots on iTunes Connect
- submit the final version to Apple
- more

All these changes will make you and your future app users happy as you will never get emails with rejection reasons and  hit your target at the very first attempt. No need to worry - just let us review the app!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Snappii offers Associations a free custom app

Associations allow small businesses to gain more visibility in the world's market and attract new customers. Mobile app for association can become a really excellent tool for marketing and promoting businesses. Snappii specializes in making useful and functional mobile apps for various industries carefully meeting their specific needs and associations are not an exception. Many businesses have already chosen Snappii to get their apps live in the Appstore and Google Play as the advantages of having a custom mobile app today are obvious. Custom branded apps can be useful for associations as applications offer great opportunities and provide clients with all the indispensable options they need to benefit and succeed. Listed are only some of the advantages an iPhone or Android app can offer:

      -       App store marketing of its members
      -       GPS directions to member locations
      -       One touch calling to member locations
      -       Increase product and service sales with mobile commerce for its partner
      -       Specials and discounts offers
      -       Give more information about businesses
      -       More

No need to pay for creating such an app using our editor. Snappii will create a powerful and functional app for any association for totally FREE. The single thing you have to do is to fill in the app request form on our site to give us more details on your app, its layout and major functions. According to your requirements already in the next 48 hours you will get a Free prototype and then if you like it the full version of your app will be available shortly and then submitted to the Appstore and/or Google Play. Moreover Snappii is going to offer discounts on custom app development for association members.
You are in time also to use our Summer Discount of 20% which will be available till the end of August. Feel free to visit our site and your free app already today.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Make A Police App

Up-to-date technologies are getting practically into all spheres of our life. First of all mobile devices are widely spread all over the world, everyone can choose something according to his character and income. Secondly such gadgets are very convenient to use as they are small, easy kept in a pocket and offer a great range of various powerful and helpful functions meeting household and business needs. Let's take a look at the app which can be useful for citizens as well as for police. This app will help people feel safe in their cities as it can allow them to easily and immediately report violations with pictures of evidence, contact police and provide all the necessary information needed to quickly solve the issue. Besides the police app can do the following:

-   Provide directions to your department
-   One touch call, email, access to website
-   Give info about your policemen
-   Collect feedback from citizens
-   Report crimes/violations
-   Take pictures of crimes/damages, etc.
-   Fill out forms, requests 
-   Request appointment
-   Services offered
-   Facebook and Twitter integration
-   Send Push notifications
-   Keep updated on the topic
-   &more!
Police app will strengthen the relations between citizens and policemen and the benefits of such collaboration are obvious. The more folks will trust police the safer their position will be. Avoid your rights violations by making this custom branded app. Snappii team is ready to provide you with a totally FREE prototype in the next 48 hours if you agree. Filling in the special requirements in App Development Request form  will make your app stand out of the crowd and unique in the Appstore/Google Play. Be quick, don't miss your chance to get Police app for your city/town or create it on your own using Snappii WYSIWYG editor. Our summer discount is still available!!!