Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to make your iPhone app Useful, Pt. 2

Let’s continue checking out the buttons, a traditional Snappii iPhone app has.


Why you should add rss button to your iPhone app? Link your news feed with your iPhone app to let users find out an interesting thing about your company, or related topic. Imagine that your iPhone app users are driving their way to work, stuck in the traffic jam. In order to kill time, they usually take their phones and run apps. When they check your iPhone app, they come across your news feed. Depends on you, if you have an interesting article for them to read, they’ll really appreciate to learn something new and exciting. Maybe even they will make a purchase relying on the article from your news feed.


People want to know what you can offer them. Many would be interested to discover that you have a special offer or a discount for them. By adding Offers tab you will be able to send them push notifications, thus, attract to your site and make a sale.

Sign up & Home tab

Those buttons are a must-have for your app. They offer log in, i.e. subscribe to getting news from you. Logged In users can participate in forum discussions, can rate places and write reviews and track unread discussions. Moreover, you will be able to have your own database of users, send messages to them, and get their feedback.

iPhone apps for businesses is a great way to reach out to customers, to communicate directly to them, to find out what they need and to help them connect you – the owner – simpler.

Try build your app now, and see how it can help you with your customers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Make Your iPhone App Useful

Creating iPhone apps is very popular and easy now. Everyone can be an iPhone app developer and make different apps. It’s a really good way for promoting business.

I think that everyone knows how to create iPhone app using online web services like Snappii or AppMakr. But not all know how to use is correctly, and what information is more important.

There are some buttons which can help to make an iPhone app interesting and useful.

Search Button can help you to promote your site. Just use the Url field, add a link from your site. Users enter a keyword, and search shows all the related info from your site. Also you can use another field and choose keywords related to your business, in this case search will go through Google and show online results.

Make your own iPhone app for free using Snappii and don’t forget to add Nearby button. It can help customers find locations of your business or a business you are interested in. All you need is to choose one way:

1) upload a list of locations from your computer;

2) specify your categories;

3) use default categories;

4) ask to show search results for special keywords.

Your iPhone app is useful now, for you and for your customers.

You should know everything about people who use your app. And if they have some problems – help them. Use Discussion button and communicate with your customers. It’s important for iPhone app developer to maintain close contact with people who use your iPhone app. They can ask a question, talk about some problems with app or with your products and even they can share some ideas which can help to promote your business.

Every user wants to save needed and important information and if you create an app you should remember it. Use Favorite button and be sure that your customers would be glad to use it. How does it work? People see some information using your app and find it useful for them. They click Favorites and add this information. It is saved and they can use it when they need.

So you can be a good iPhone app developer without knowing html.

Create your own mobile app using Snappii and promote your business.