Monday, October 31, 2011

Why does every business need an app?

Every business uses business cards. Customers save business cards to remember what a business does, so when they need you they can call you or find your location(s). Apps are like the digital version of business cards, except they can do so much more.

When your customers save your app on their phones, they can
- Remember what your business does
- One touch call or email you
- Get maps and directions to your location(s)
- Send you requests, questions, and pictures
- Fill out applications or make appointments
- Stay informed about news in your business
- Participate in Loyalty Programs and take advantage of special offers and coupons
- Take action like make reservation, purchase products, and so on

Unlike business cards, apps not only inform and remind customers, but also enable customers to communicate and interact with you and your business in ways not possible before.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make mobile apps in 17 languages with Snappii

Today we have added support for 17 languages to Snappii. Now your users can enjoy your apps in

English (U.S.)
English (UK)
French (France)
Simplified Chinese

Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)


You can switch to any language with a single click. Please visit and try it.
To use another language open your app in the WYSIWYG editor and select the language of your choice.

You can customize all translations we made by overriding it with your translations by pressing “Change Translation” link.
So select the language and see your app work in Snappii Preview App version 1.1.
For iPhone
For Android

Go to

Friday, October 7, 2011

Now instantly see your app on iPhone/iPad

Great News. Now you can instantly see your Apps work on iPhones or iPads.
Test your app, show it to your client, show it to your boss :)
No more waiting for test builds, invalid Apple credential problems or Device IDs needed!

Just download the Snappii Preview App from the App Store here, login and instantly see your apps work!

Make more App changes and see them appear in the Preview App instantly – very cool!!
Login into and give it a shot today!