Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I already have a mobile site . Why should I have an app?

People keep asking Snappii why they need an app if they already have a website, what's the point?
We will tell you what's the point.

An App will
1. Allow you to send notifications to user phones. 10 times more effective than email
2. Give your app users step by step GPS directions to your location
3. Enable users to email you a picture
4. Give users better performance because the app runs in the device
5. Help your business be found in the App Store. Tens of thousands of searches per day in your area.

Still have questions or hesitate? Go to Snappii.com and make an app to see how it will work for you personally.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Now is a Great Time to Start Your Own Mobile Apps Business

A little history

Some of you maybe old enough to remember when IBM PCs came out in 1981 and set the world on fire. The PC industry has created the most millionaires in the history of the world. The cycle is about to happen again now with Mobile Apps.

Smartphones are outselling other phones in the Make own app for iPhone with no codingUS and in many parts of the world. They are everywhere. Just walk the streets of any city and see how many people are tinkering with their smartphones. Young people especially are addicted to them.

By 2012 more people will be accessing the Internet on mobile devices than from PCs! Already people spend more time on smartphones than they do on computers and televisions combined! Think about it!

The Web has gone mobile. The good old website is not going to cut it anymore more!! All businesses have to create a new mobile website, an app, or both. There are over 250 Million websites out there! That's the size of this opportunity!!

Make own app for iPhone with no coding
The Cost of Mobile Apps

To build apps companies hire or outsource development to programmers. The cost creating an app depends on complexity and ranges from about $5,000 to low 6 digits. Small businesses simply can't afford this.

If, however, apps could be generated without requiring programming skills millions of small businesses could afford to have their own apps.

That's the market that Snappii, a platform for generating mobile apps, is designed to serve. With Snappii anybody can create apps that:
  • publish content,
  • deliver news
  • take orders
  • provide one touch calling and emailing
  • schedule meetings
  • collect customer information
  • give customers GPS guided directions
  • facilitate discussions with customer via a forum
  • integrate social media feeds
  • play youtube videos
  • and many other uses
Snappii has over 125 template apps for every type of business. Users can use the templates to
create totally customized ( unlike our competitors) apps. The most popular are:
  • Auto dealer
  • Customer Service
  • Law Firm
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Fitness Club
  • Medical Practice
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • and many others

Making Apps for Small Businesses is a Huge Opportunity

Many smart people have realized that that even with a simple to use platform like Snappii many small business people won't use it, because they don't think they can. Millions of small businesses need someone who can do it for them. So a reasonbly computer savvy person can create a very profitable businesses utilizing Snappii to create apps for small businesses. This reminds me of the opportunity that was created when the Web became popular. Think about how many web development companies got created in the late 90's.

What can you charge clients for a mobile app?

We see our Partners charge small businesses about $500 for a set up fee and about $100 a month to maintain and update their app. This can make for a nice business for someone who is motivated to find and offer the service to small businesses.. They use Snappii to make mobile apps and white label them so that the apps look like they were made by them. The apps have customer's custom branding.

How lucrative can this be? Do the Math

The math goes something like this:

You make 10 apps with Snappii per month. Snappii will charge you $390. Your 10 clients will pay you $5000 set up fee plus $1000 hosting and maintenance fee for the first moth. That's a total of $6,000 in the the first month!

Your only other expense is a one time Apple Developer ID of $99 and your time.
To make really nice app you will only spend an hour or 2 per app.

A nice annuity business

Next month no matter how many clients you find, you begin the month with $1,000 from your original 10 clients. As you add more and more clients you residual revenue from monthly installments builds up very quickly.

I predict that mobile app making business just like the web site creation business will make many people a very nice fortune!!!

Snappii partners with motivated people who want to build their own mobile app businesses and control their own destiny. You don't have to be a programmer or a web developer. Snappi is so easy to use that anybody can do it. We offer help in creating your first apps and marketing your services. Our live support is available 12 hours per day. If you are interested in becoming our Partner please fill out the form at http://www.snappii.com/makeMoney.aspx and contact me at abakman@snappii.com or call +1 603 397 3044

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why you need your own Hotel iPhone app?

There are over 50 million people who are using iPhones today. Building your own app for hotel will make it easy for them to:
- Find your location(s) with a step by step GPS directions
- Book reservations
- Find your hotel app in Apple’s App store which gets millions of searches per day
- One touch call you
- Learn about what your hotel has to offer

Do you know that large hotel chains have spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring programmers to develop their own iPhone apps?
Lucky you are to know that today you don't have to possess developers' skills to make a custom branded app for your business. There is a web service that allows you to make an app without even knowing html and developing process.
The service is called Snappii.com using it anyone can make an app for your hotel without programming skills.
Today having a website obviously is not enough, app is more user engaging. Are you still thinking why you need an app?