Thursday, December 29, 2011

When Digital World Turns Out To Be Real

QR codes, or “Quick Response” codes, are a mechanism to codify data for quick recognition. They’ve been used in package tracking applications for some time, and apparently they’re hugely popular with mobile phone users in Japan and become even more popular due to their unlimited possibilities. Now it is invading the rest part of the world. Snap a picture of a QR code with your phone’s camera, and your phone can then decode the info and do something useful — usually load up a URL contained within the code to alleviate the tedium of typing.
You may soon see QR Codes in a magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. Once it is in your cell phone, it may give you details about that business (allowing users to search for nearby locations), or details about the person wearing the t-shirt, show you a URL which you can click to see a trailer for a movie, or it may give you a coupon which you can use in a local outlet.

Soon this functionality will be implemented on our site as well. And your possibilities in creating apps for iPhone/iPad/Android will become really unlimited.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Indespensable Helpers in Household Duties

While holidays people are wholly busy with preparation for the holiday. Shopping is one of the things which takes much time and sometimes becomes even tiresome. But not any more according to the survey. At first people started using computing hardware to make orders via internet. Instead of going shopping they just stayed at home and still bought what they needed.
The trend has undergone a change. Now mobile devices seem to be most used for shopping especially in the cases when they have no access to their PCs. The flexibility and availability of devices have made them an indespensable tool for solving everyday tasks. For example, it was found that during Christmas, 24 percent of shoppers visiting retail websites were on mobile devices. This result can't help impressing. The figures will change and still more folks will find it easier and more comfortable to use their mobile devices instead of getting stuck in traffic jams and wasting time. By the way you can order an item while driving as well. Appreciate your time, there are more serious things than going shopping in our lives.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Expects Us In Future?

In the era of high technologies mobile devices are becoming more and more necessary and spreading widely all over the world. According to survey stats iphones today are available in 123 countries and it goes without saying that their number will just increase in the nearest future. Concerning particular kinds of media the figures don't seem to be so optmistic first of all it goes about TV via iTunes which is on only in 6 countries and music is spread in 51 countries. Only one thing combines all countries using mobile gadgets and this is a mobile app. It is easy to download, install and then regularly run on your device. As the experience shows, pretty soon time spent on apps will be quite comparable with the time people spend on books and music using their devices.Apps are media. Not only are they a form of media in the way that consumer software and games have always been considered media. But increasingly, they are also subsuming other forms of media.

And it is a well-known fact that mass media mould public opinion. Apps are not the exception, they will attract more users, and probably in future will become one of the major reasons to have an iPhone at all.

It's obvious that obtaining your own mobile app will help you fulfil lots of tasks and even in some way influence your business and lifestyle. A lack of programming skills won't make you vulnerable as there are services which make it possible to create apps without coding and in some minutes. It's a high time to mull the thing over as in some years their role will be just strengthened and life hardly will be imagined without mobile devices and the apps installed on them.

Monday, December 26, 2011

True Story From Snappii User

Yesterday was the most important and happiest day of the year, the day when all the members of the family traditionally gather together at the table which is close to be broken under the pressure of tastiest food and drinks. It is a high time to exchange gifts as well.
I was as usual absorbed with my work and totally forgot about looking for gifts for my friends. No, don't think I'm absent-minded and unreliable guy. I bought gifts for most of my relatives and acquaintances but still, you know it's difficult to keep them all in mind, so some of the presents I was going to buy straight before Christmas Eve. I was rushing through the shops full of souvenirs, toys and the similar stuff but still it wasn't the thing I was looking for. Suddenly my iPhone gave a squeak and I decided to figure out what it was. I rummaged in my pockets and finally got it out of it. It was a message and namely a notification sent from one of the convenient stores not far from my house. They were offering great amount of things which could be really good presents and by the way there were discounts. I went straight there and bought all what was needed. Then none of my friends left deprived. I saved my time and money and satisfied came back home earlier than it was expected.
Christmas was a success! I met people whom haven't seen for ages. Today after the holiday I've just remembered about the notification which helped me a lot. I actually decided to make the app of my own which could immediately tell my clients about the offerings in my cafe. I searched in the Web to find out a way to create an app without programming skills and fortunately got luck. Snappii service helps people like me (non-programmers) create apps in minutes and with no coding. I spent some hours and ,hurray, my app was ready. It will allow customers to find my locations, participate in discussions, take and email photos and many more. But the crucial role for me played Dashboard which can be used to send Push Notifications and keep the customers always informed with the news they really need. I enjoy this service and am greatly impressed by the support assistance they have. After holidays my app will be reviewed and seems to be approved by Apple and will go live in the Appstore. I'm looking forward to it and will advise this service to everyone. No doubt, you will find here what you were looking for corresponding to your business.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Brief Review of Snappii Apps

North Conway is a census-designated place in eastern Carroll County, New Hampshire, United States.A resort area, North Conway is the largest village within the town of Conway, which is bounded on the east by the Maine state line.

All the year round everyone will find occupations according to his taste and character here like skiing, hiking, canoeing. The views of the nature around are incredible. You will be absorbed with fantastic scenery and fresh mountain air and for sure will looking forward to coming back here again.

To enable you to get maximum pleasure of your staying in North Conway we are coming up with a new city guide app which will prevent you from cares where to stay, where to eat and what to do in this land of beauty.

This app is available to download in the Appstore, designed both for iPhone and iPad.

North Conway Visitor Guide is another app which is worth being installed on your device!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brief Review of Snappii Apps

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Hollywood? I bet you have!
Hollywood attracts millions of visitors each year who travel there to pay homage to their favorite stars and perhaps even catch a glimpse of a few famous personalities. Sometimes they're lucky!

Now this fabulous land becomes even closer to you when you have Hollywood City Guide App installed on your device. You will never get lost in enourmous city. The app will allow you to quickly and easily find the best and the nearest places for eating, sightseeing, lodging. You will be able to take part in discussions and exchange your ideas with friends and other users of the app.
You can download Snappii app from the Appstore for iPhones and iPads

That is really worth trying

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep the whole Sedona in your hand!

If you are a passionate traveller who can appreciate and admire the beauty of the world Sedona should definitely become one of the major goals of your journey.

Sedona has become a center for traditional and contemporary arts and offers a variety of galleries, boutiques and specialty shops. It is an upscale retirement and tourism community, because it is the jumping off place for tours of the Red Rocks region.

Sedona Visitor Guide App is here to make your travelling light-hearted and memorable.

It will help you:
-get directions
-find locations
-read news about this picturesque land
-participate in forum, discussions will enable you to share your opinions and get hints

This app made with Snappii is compatible both for iPhone and iPad and available in the Appstore.

Discover the world using up-to-date technology

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The increasing role of mobile devices in everyday life.

Google took a look back how the world searched in 2011 which is gradually coming to its end.
The most remarkable fact is that smartphone and tablet use accelerated rapidly: Google saw a 440% increase in traffic from tablets on its AdMob network between Dec. 2010 and in Nov. 2011, according to stats posted on the Google Mobile Ads Blog.
The use of mobile in physical retail environments was particularly interesting: In a study conducted with IPSOS earlier this year, eight in 10 smartphone owners said they use their devices to help with shopping, from locating retailers to running price comparisons — a trend Amazon smartly capitalized on this December by offering consumers a discount for running a price comparison on its Price Check App. A full 70% of smartphone owners claim to use their devices while in stores, and 77% have used their phones to contact local businesses.
And that is only the start as users' need in mobile devices will be only increasing in the nearest future. Mobile apps will promote the usage of such devices as more and more people become aware of the fact that they help them qualitatively change their lives to the best.

And what about you? What part do mobile devices play in your life?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Snappii has released new screen elements

If you take a look at our WYSIWYG editor you will get pleased to see new screen elements such as Nearby,Custom, List, RSS and Search. All of them will give you the opportunity to make your apps more functional and look really cool.

In difference with similar Tabs you can put as many screen elements as you want. Just choose Custom Tab, then drag and drop elements where you want them.

For example using List screen element will allow you to show up catalogues,each element will conform to a definite catalogue. So now you don't need to use several List Tabs every time you want to show up some catalogues at once any more. Other new elements work the same. That's convenient and flexible indeed.

Go log in on our site and use these screen elements to make your app unique and functional.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News from Snappii: Android platform support has just arrived!

Dear Snappii user,

Christmas and New Year is the best time of the year indeed.
Why not make an unforgettable and useful gift for yourself and your business. Snappii has just added Android platform support! So now you can submit your apps not just to Apple but to Android Market as well.
Here's another gift from us: make an app with Snappii till the end of the year and get discount 20% off the monthly fee.
Enter December2011 for Discount code.

Happy Holidays!!

the snappii team

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New! Build apps which take photos with Snappii

Snappii keeps adding new features. Now you can build apps which can take pictures and email them.
Go to, choose to Edit your app. In Add tabs you will see 2 new photo elements. One can be added to a Custom tab, the other to a Form.

Build all kinds of apps:

* where customers email photos to participate in contests,
* document car accidents
* report vandalism
* report news
* capture expense receipts
* send pics of houses they want to see for rent or purchase
* take pics of card they want to buy

The possibilities are endless!! Please visit and this new capabilities to your apps

Monday, November 14, 2011

7 Good Reasons Why Every Business Should Have its Own Mobile App

1. Mobile Apps can do things websites can’t. Using smartphone or tablet hardware apps can:

• give users GPS directions to your location(s)
• send you app user coordinates (for delivery, taking a cab, etc)
• take a picture and email it
• scan QR codes and take action (offer a coupon, open website, call, download a program)
• scan a check and email to a bank

2. A typical person spends about 4+ hours per day using a smartphone and only about 1 hour per day using a personal computer. Therefore users will spend more time using your mobile app than your website.

3. Apps are installed on smartphones and tablets. Therefore apps are always accessible to customers, even if there is no Internet connection available. Websites are not.

4. Apps are like digital business cards. They are saved on customer phones like business cards are saved in wallets. Always available.

5. Apps will help your business be found. Apple and Google App stores get millions of searches per day. When someone is searching for your type of business, your app will show up.

6. Studies have shown that apps offer a better customer experience. They run faster, offer more engaging user interface and are designed for mobility.

7. Customer loyalty. Don’t let Groupon and others take your customers away. Apps will help you reward loyal customers without losing money and losing control.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to use Map Tab?

With the Map Tab you have the ability to display your business locations on a map, and give users directions how to get there. This will help users of your app visually see how to get to your business locations.

To add this tab to your apps, log in, go to My Apps, click Edit your app, click Add Tab and choose Map Tab. Simply upload a list of your locations, and see them all on the map in Preview app. You can upload as many locations as you want. If you have more than 50, you will see the Show more button.

You can also change your current location by clicking the globe icon.

Go try it at

Monday, October 31, 2011

Why does every business need an app?

Every business uses business cards. Customers save business cards to remember what a business does, so when they need you they can call you or find your location(s). Apps are like the digital version of business cards, except they can do so much more.

When your customers save your app on their phones, they can
- Remember what your business does
- One touch call or email you
- Get maps and directions to your location(s)
- Send you requests, questions, and pictures
- Fill out applications or make appointments
- Stay informed about news in your business
- Participate in Loyalty Programs and take advantage of special offers and coupons
- Take action like make reservation, purchase products, and so on

Unlike business cards, apps not only inform and remind customers, but also enable customers to communicate and interact with you and your business in ways not possible before.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make mobile apps in 17 languages with Snappii

Today we have added support for 17 languages to Snappii. Now your users can enjoy your apps in

English (U.S.)
English (UK)
French (France)
Simplified Chinese

Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)


You can switch to any language with a single click. Please visit and try it.
To use another language open your app in the WYSIWYG editor and select the language of your choice.

You can customize all translations we made by overriding it with your translations by pressing “Change Translation” link.
So select the language and see your app work in Snappii Preview App version 1.1.
For iPhone
For Android

Go to

Friday, October 7, 2011

Now instantly see your app on iPhone/iPad

Great News. Now you can instantly see your Apps work on iPhones or iPads.
Test your app, show it to your client, show it to your boss :)
No more waiting for test builds, invalid Apple credential problems or Device IDs needed!

Just download the Snappii Preview App from the App Store here, login and instantly see your apps work!

Make more App changes and see them appear in the Preview App instantly – very cool!!
Login into and give it a shot today!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I already have a mobile site . Why should I have an app?

People keep asking Snappii why they need an app if they already have a website, what's the point?
We will tell you what's the point.

An App will
1. Allow you to send notifications to user phones. 10 times more effective than email
2. Give your app users step by step GPS directions to your location
3. Enable users to email you a picture
4. Give users better performance because the app runs in the device
5. Help your business be found in the App Store. Tens of thousands of searches per day in your area.

Still have questions or hesitate? Go to and make an app to see how it will work for you personally.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Now is a Great Time to Start Your Own Mobile Apps Business

A little history

Some of you maybe old enough to remember when IBM PCs came out in 1981 and set the world on fire. The PC industry has created the most millionaires in the history of the world. The cycle is about to happen again now with Mobile Apps.

Smartphones are outselling other phones in the Make own app for iPhone with no codingUS and in many parts of the world. They are everywhere. Just walk the streets of any city and see how many people are tinkering with their smartphones. Young people especially are addicted to them.

By 2012 more people will be accessing the Internet on mobile devices than from PCs! Already people spend more time on smartphones than they do on computers and televisions combined! Think about it!

The Web has gone mobile. The good old website is not going to cut it anymore more!! All businesses have to create a new mobile website, an app, or both. There are over 250 Million websites out there! That's the size of this opportunity!!

Make own app for iPhone with no coding
The Cost of Mobile Apps

To build apps companies hire or outsource development to programmers. The cost creating an app depends on complexity and ranges from about $5,000 to low 6 digits. Small businesses simply can't afford this.

If, however, apps could be generated without requiring programming skills millions of small businesses could afford to have their own apps.

That's the market that Snappii, a platform for generating mobile apps, is designed to serve. With Snappii anybody can create apps that:
  • publish content,
  • deliver news
  • take orders
  • provide one touch calling and emailing
  • schedule meetings
  • collect customer information
  • give customers GPS guided directions
  • facilitate discussions with customer via a forum
  • integrate social media feeds
  • play youtube videos
  • and many other uses
Snappii has over 125 template apps for every type of business. Users can use the templates to
create totally customized ( unlike our competitors) apps. The most popular are:
  • Auto dealer
  • Customer Service
  • Law Firm
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Fitness Club
  • Medical Practice
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • and many others

Making Apps for Small Businesses is a Huge Opportunity

Many smart people have realized that that even with a simple to use platform like Snappii many small business people won't use it, because they don't think they can. Millions of small businesses need someone who can do it for them. So a reasonbly computer savvy person can create a very profitable businesses utilizing Snappii to create apps for small businesses. This reminds me of the opportunity that was created when the Web became popular. Think about how many web development companies got created in the late 90's.

What can you charge clients for a mobile app?

We see our Partners charge small businesses about $500 for a set up fee and about $100 a month to maintain and update their app. This can make for a nice business for someone who is motivated to find and offer the service to small businesses.. They use Snappii to make mobile apps and white label them so that the apps look like they were made by them. The apps have customer's custom branding.

How lucrative can this be? Do the Math

The math goes something like this:

You make 10 apps with Snappii per month. Snappii will charge you $390. Your 10 clients will pay you $5000 set up fee plus $1000 hosting and maintenance fee for the first moth. That's a total of $6,000 in the the first month!

Your only other expense is a one time Apple Developer ID of $99 and your time.
To make really nice app you will only spend an hour or 2 per app.

A nice annuity business

Next month no matter how many clients you find, you begin the month with $1,000 from your original 10 clients. As you add more and more clients you residual revenue from monthly installments builds up very quickly.

I predict that mobile app making business just like the web site creation business will make many people a very nice fortune!!!

Snappii partners with motivated people who want to build their own mobile app businesses and control their own destiny. You don't have to be a programmer or a web developer. Snappi is so easy to use that anybody can do it. We offer help in creating your first apps and marketing your services. Our live support is available 12 hours per day. If you are interested in becoming our Partner please fill out the form at and contact me at or call +1 603 397 3044

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why you need your own Hotel iPhone app?

There are over 50 million people who are using iPhones today. Building your own app for hotel will make it easy for them to:
- Find your location(s) with a step by step GPS directions
- Book reservations
- Find your hotel app in Apple’s App store which gets millions of searches per day
- One touch call you
- Learn about what your hotel has to offer

Do you know that large hotel chains have spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring programmers to develop their own iPhone apps?
Lucky you are to know that today you don't have to possess developers' skills to make a custom branded app for your business. There is a web service that allows you to make an app without even knowing html and developing process.
The service is called using it anyone can make an app for your hotel without programming skills.
Today having a website obviously is not enough, app is more user engaging. Are you still thinking why you need an app?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upload your image for Screen Elements

You can now choose your own icon for screen elements like Call, Email, Hyper Link, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Form, HTML. Simply go edit your app, then click to Change your Screen elements (not tabs). Please keep in mind. Screen elements are these:

Go to and try this new feature. You can upload any image from your computer and use it as an icon for any Screen element. This will make your app stand out in a crowd.

Friend us on Facebook to get most recent updates!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to test your Snappii app

Congratulations! You made your first Snappii app! Now, you need to test it on your iPhone. Unlike other app making services, Snappii will not make you download anything from AppStore, or use cables and computers to test your app.

Go to and choose the saved app you wish to test. Click the test App button and you will see the 2 options to test your app.

1. If you have Apple developer account, simply enter it below. You will receive an email with instructions.

2. If you do not have an Apple developer ID, no worries, you still can test your app :) Click on the 2nd option and enter your Apple device ID, that you can get from your iTunes.

You will also receive an email, click on the installation link from your iPhone/iPod touch, and install your test app on your device.
Try this new cool feature right now at

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get Users' Feedback right from your iPhone app

Snappii keeps adding new features! Now Snappii users can add a new Button to their iPhone apps. The button is called a Form button. With its help you can get your users’ feedback, orders, arrange meetings, etc.

Go to, choose your app and press Edit. Drag and drop the List button on iPhone, fill in the fields, and here you go:

When you add it, save your app, and test in on your iPhone, see how easy it is for your users now to interact with you!

Go to and try the new List button right now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

HLS Business Solutions released iPhone app

HLS Business Solutions offer Executive Business Support and PA services. Specialising in Xero, CapsuleCRM, Mailchimp and assisting with social media maintenance.

Download here

This app was made with Snappii

You can also build a cool app for your business, go try right now!

Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Convince Clients That They Need an iPhone App

Just about every business person out there knows why it is important to have a website. However when it comes to clients’ understanding about iPhone apps many clients do not have a clear idea about why their business needs and app and what it will do for them

I will help you articulate the differences between websites and apps so that you could clearly explain the benefits of apps to your clients.

Websites vs. Apps

So the customer says I already have a web site. What do I need an app for? The simple answer is that apps engage customers in a way that websites never could.

1. App Store Presence = Being Found. There are over 250 million websites in the world today. The chances of your customer’s website being found is realistically speaking pretty small. Even though there are several hundred thousand apps in the iPhone App Store, chances are your app will show up in a search if it were tagged with specific keywords and its function is specific in nature. For example a search for “Law Firm Boston” produced only 2 results. Your client could be the third! Given the number of searches in the App Store that’s a lot of new exposure!

2. Universal Access = business anytime, anywhere. App users can access your information anytime from anywhere. A well designed app will let you do this even if Internet connection is not present. Customers live busy lives so enabling them to do business with you 7/24 is a major plus and often makes the difference between getting the business or not

3. Taking Pictures = fun and time saving. Apps are great at taking advantage of Smartphone features. Being able to take a picture and instantly send it opens up all kinds of new ways of customer engagement. From send us your picture contests to taking a picture of a smashed car and submitting insurance claim. Can’t do that with a website

4. One touch Calling = super convenience. The phone is in your customers hands all day long vs an hour a day an average person spends on a computer. When a person needs your product or service think about how easy it is to open your app and make a call. In today’s busy world, this simple convenience often makes the difference between making a sale or not

5. Time spent with Smartphone = massive branding. As I mentioned already an average person spends about an hour a day on a computer and numerous times per day paying attention to the Smartphone. Just walk around any city and take a look at people around you. People are “glued” to their Smartphone!

6. Engagement = response = results. The Smartphone is still a novelty. When a message pops up on the screen people pay attention. That’s how it was with email 15 years ago. You can engage customers and get response to promotions many times that of emailed newsletters. Many businesses have realized this and are using Smartphone notification services to announce special deals and drive customer traffic to the nearby stores

7. GPS = Help them find you. Another simple convenience offered by Smartphone. Just about every Smartphone has a GPS. Customers can get step by step directions to clients’ nearest locations. Can’t do that with a website