Monday, November 14, 2011

7 Good Reasons Why Every Business Should Have its Own Mobile App

1. Mobile Apps can do things websites can’t. Using smartphone or tablet hardware apps can:

• give users GPS directions to your location(s)
• send you app user coordinates (for delivery, taking a cab, etc)
• take a picture and email it
• scan QR codes and take action (offer a coupon, open website, call, download a program)
• scan a check and email to a bank

2. A typical person spends about 4+ hours per day using a smartphone and only about 1 hour per day using a personal computer. Therefore users will spend more time using your mobile app than your website.

3. Apps are installed on smartphones and tablets. Therefore apps are always accessible to customers, even if there is no Internet connection available. Websites are not.

4. Apps are like digital business cards. They are saved on customer phones like business cards are saved in wallets. Always available.

5. Apps will help your business be found. Apple and Google App stores get millions of searches per day. When someone is searching for your type of business, your app will show up.

6. Studies have shown that apps offer a better customer experience. They run faster, offer more engaging user interface and are designed for mobility.

7. Customer loyalty. Don’t let Groupon and others take your customers away. Apps will help you reward loyal customers without losing money and losing control.

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