Tuesday, January 31, 2012

About 4,000 Users Have Already Chosen Snappii

No secret that mobile apps are becoming more popular among users than sites. Apps are easy to download, to use and they are more flexible. All the necessary information about your business can be perfectly placed into a mobile app and it looks smart on your gadget screen.
The system of Snappii CMS allows to make immediate updates and distribute changes to all users' devices rapidly. That is a substantial advantage because in case you hire a developer you will need to ask him to make changes for you and pay extra each time. Definitely it is inevitable when you obtain no programming skills but possible if you pay attention to the web service like ours.

Snappii was launched a little less than a year ago but has made an enormous step forward. Today it enables users to create iPhone/iPad and Android apps fast and inexpensively. Friendly user interface and simplicity of the working process has made this service attractive for non-programmers and not only. Here mobile apps for small businesses can be created in a matter of hours. Convenient process of app testing and submission will impress you as well. Snappii to-do list consists of plenty tasks which once fulfilled will add much more functionality and complexity to the existing number of cool features. Soon the following features will be released:

QR codes support;
database support;
Paypal support.

To the recent moment Snappii has about 4000 registered users who created 6000 apps for their businesses and clients. A good part of the apps can be now found on the Appstore and Android Market Place. Except excellent technical support Snappii users get useful ideas for their future apps and can share their own opinions and suggestions. With the help of Snappii service you can notice that app making process appears to be more simple than you thought.

Friday, January 27, 2012

To Test Or Not To Test

Mobile apps are hot today and app creation has become profitable and stable business which is growing rapidly and can bring benefit greater than in any other industry. So, just fancy, you have an idea of your future app which is new on the market and seems to be sensational. To your regret you are not an advanced programmer and not a well-off person to start investing big money in your start-up. There are three ways how to make your app idea real:
- hire app developer;
- learn Objective C;
-find appropriate web service which doesn't demand programming skills for app creating.

The first variant is the most convenient and you will get exactly what you want. But no secret, app customization is very expensive and besides your idea may fail and you will lose your money. The second way will take too much time depending on your experience and ability to make programming at all.
So here comes the way out of the problem both cost-effective and time saving - an app building web service. For moderate monthly fee you will be able to make functional app and submit it to Appstore and/or Android Market. Sounds good. But still there is a shortcoming which combines most of such web services -they are missing the opportunity to see your app on a device before it goes to masses. Say, you create an app and all looks good on website but after submission and approval process it appears to be a messy app with blurred colors view or it is even missing some significant options. Nothing to do except remaking your app and going thru all this process again without any confidence that next time it will be Ok.

However, don't get upset - there are services like Snappii which allows to create apps and test them on your devices to see how exactly your app will look after being published. There are special Preview apps for Iphone/iPad and Android where besides your ready made or half made apps you can see samples of apps which can be built with Snappii. If you would like to make app look entirely like your own and choose White Label option to remove all Snappii signs from it there is a web2phone copy to your service. There will be your splashscreen available and other features which are not supported in Preview app yet. Besides it is a good way to show an app to your potential customers before purchasing and submitting it.
So now you are all set and can be really confident that users of your app won't get disappointed with your app functionality and view. And that is a good sign that your business will flourish.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Snappii App For Count Dante's Admirers

Count Dante is a fantasy re-telling of the real life Count Dante (John Timophy Keehan 1939-1975) and will serve as a companion to the release of the true-to-life documentary film, The Search for Count Dante.Keehan was born in Beverly on February 2, 1939, to a well-to-do Irish American family. He attended Mount Carmel High School and boxed at Johnny Coulon's 63rd Street gym, and after graduating from high school he joined the marine reserves and later the army, where he learned hand-to-hand combat and jujitsu techniques.
He trained under various martial arts masters during the infancy of Western interest in Asian martial arts during the 1950s. Most notable of the early masters he trained under was sensei Robert Trias. Keehan, after gaining his black belt in karate, went on to become a sensei himself.
Count Dante is one of the many eccentric characters referred to in Robert Rankin's Brentford stories. A number of characters in these stories claim to have learned 'dimac' (presumably a corruption of Dim Mak, the "Touch of Death" advertised by Keehan) from a manual written by Dante. Dante himself is referred to as wearing a mask and living in hiding to avoid murder by the hidden martial masters whose secrets he has made public.

To commemorate the memory of this outstanding person the film mentioned above was shot. To let more people know about the person and the film devoted to him a mobile app was created by Floyd Webb. He used Snappii software to create this amazing and helpful app for Count Dante admirers and all those who keen on martial arts.
The app can be downloaded on the Appstore for only $ 0.99. You can make your own app using Snappii to devote it to any event which has a great meaning in your life.

Monday, January 23, 2012

True User's Story from Snappii

Snappii is a DIY mobile app platform that allows anyone to create apps without programming skills and inexpensively. Our customer Kenny Rowe has already experienced the advantages of creating mobile apps with Snappii web service without being a programmer. The result of our collateral work is now available on the Appstore and called BeerNav app. This custom branded app discovers the traditional and non-traditionally inspired good beer destinations associated with American Craft Beer. It can be really helpful for admirers of this exalted beverage or anyone who feels like going out and having a good rest in the circle of close friends.

Here is what Kenny said about Snappii:

"Snappii Team,

I wanted to extend a Thank You for the successful launch of my iOS App on the App Store, BeerNav, created using the Snappii platform. The design and creation process was functionally sound and rather straightforward. The submission process to the App Store was seamless. I had trial used and compared several other platforms similar to Snappii before ultimately deciding to move forward Snappii. The built-in features and ease of configuration made Snappii the hands-down choice. Even when issues came up during the design and creation process Snappii was there to help and fix. Having a technical background I basically knew what I wanted to create and develop within an App. What I didn’t necessarily know was the backend programming to integrate everything that I wanted into a functional App. With Snappii I was able to successfully fill in the missing back-end programming knowledge with the devolvement design knowledge that I knew. What I also liked is that as I using Snappii to develop my BeerNav App Snappii was continuously releasing new features and services for me to integrate into my BeerNav App. I look forward to re-releasing BeerNav with some of these other features and services.

I would certainly recommend Snappii to anyone looking to develop and design Apps.

Many thanks!

Kenny Rowe
Developer of iOS App BeerNav"

Snappii team thanks Kenny a lot for his kind words and wishes that BeerNav app got a real success and hit the 100 top apps on the Appstore. We will continue improving our service adding more cool features so that more satisfied users would be able to obtain their own mobile app which seems to be an indispensable tool in modern business

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snappii Made Buttons Look Different

Snappii has added new cool feature to its apps. If you are interested not only in functionality but in design opportunities too this feature will satisfy your needs for sure. A couple of months ago the possibility to upload your own images for buttons was released. Now this has been even improved. You can change the size of buttons making them too small or really big covering approximately the full screen surface. Upload any picture from your PC or use search on the Web to choose the one you were looking for. The buttons can be made with or without round corners.

You will enjoy playing with the color themes of new-designed controls. Any color is available to highlight the background of an image when only text is left. The only limitation is that one color can be chosen actually, anyway it will be enough to make your app design harmonized. Dye your app look with vivid and rich colors to make it individual and attractive.
The solution of resizing will be the most useful especially for those who find it inconvenient to click on buttons inside apps due to low resolution on their devices. No more tiny and unclickable controls- make buttons as you fancy them.

This feature will help you create indeed beautiful and smart apps for you and your clients. Go to our site and check our new design of the buttons right now.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Apps People Prefer To Spend Their Time On?

Lots of apps are downloaded per day, both from the Appstore and Android Market.

The idea of this survey was to see what apps people like most. What the chart to the left shows doesn't surprise. No secret, most of all, engagement apps are hot today, especially games. Social networking takes the second place. These two app categories control 79% of all consumers' total app time. Consumers use these two categories more frequently, and for longer average session lengths, compared to other categories.
Frankly speaking both games and social networking apps are meant to help users spend their spare time interacting with their friends or just playing funny games while going somewhere and having nothing to do.
The apps which provide more valuable information like news or business stuff are downloaded more rarely. Anyway they are very significant for those who really need them. The reason for their less usage is not because users don't like them. There is a majority of game and funny apps to be downloaded but not many of business apps which can bring profit and attract customers.
If you need a specific and complex app for your small business and think about your future welfare already today Snappii web service is an indespensable helper as it can enable you to create profitable business app for your clients without difficulties.
Check our website, and for sure you will find here everything what will help you succeed. While most waste their time on games why not give a positive stimulus to your business by creating a mobile app.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mobile Apps Go On Advancing

Step by step we became dependent on our mobile devices. Especially the smartest "filling" of them, I mean mobile apps, attracts our attention. People download,install and use them in large quantities.
In a recent report by the mobile analytics firm Flurry provided some evidence that the use of mobile apps has over taken the amount of time spend browsing the web.This startling conclusion confirms what a lot of people already knew, that mobile apps have made little niche in our lives.

Taking these stats into account we can assume how important for small businesses mobile apps can be. With the help of them you can easily:
-find business locations;
-keep your customers always updated of your offerings,news etc.;
-take pictures and email them immediately;
-give your users access to your website, social channels (media plays an important role in promoting your business)
-enable clients to one touch call you and many more.

Checking out our service will definitely provide you with all the necessary information you need to create a profitable app for your business. You can make here your app even without programming skills and large expenses.

Go take a look at our site and you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Portsmouth NH City Guide App

The third-oldest city in the U.S., Portsmouth, New Hampshire is full of history, from its Georgian-style homes to its historic town center and museums. Portsmouth has lush parks where you can relax and take in the scenery around you. Enjoy biking, hiking and many other activities along this beautiful seacoast city. Water park lovers will be happy to know that Portsmouth is home to New England's largest water park!

The town was founded in 1623, and a walk through Portland's historic area feels like a stroll back in time to that era. "Residents" in period costume populate the area, and at three working crafts shops, you can watch coopers, boat builders and potters at work on 17th-century trades. Today, the historic district's center, Strawbery Banke, consists of 10 downtown acres and 46 historic buildings, including Georgian-style homes that showcase18th-century prosperity. Some buildings have been restored with period furnishings and exhibits, and many are available for viewing and tours.

To get maximum satisfaction from visiting this place of interest you will need a good city quide which will help you find the places to stay, to eat and of course to sightsee. Now it is all available in one app which can be easily downloaded from the Appstore. Portsmouth NH City Guide is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and seems to be indispensable in case you are going to visit this picturesque town.

One more city guide app from Snappii which won't let you get lost in an unknown city.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Brief Review of Snappii Apps

Nautica is a US based apparel brand of the VF Corporation featuring primarily men's sportswear. Nautica was founded in 1983 by clothing designer, David Chu, and a partner.

Today the world of Nautica represents both a rediscovery and reinterpretation of what Americans have always wanted to wear. Nautica is currently available in more than 64 countries with more than 170 Nautica branded stores worldwide.

Getting familiarized with this brand has become even easier with the help of the new app made with Snappii. It can assist you to find out Nautica locations, take a look at new catalogues, take part in forum discussions,get the latest news about it and etc.

You can download it both from the Appstore and Android Market for free.
Nautica app is really worth being installed on you device, especially if you are a small fan of Nautica clothes and accessories.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Online Shopping Goes Mobile

IBM Benchmark’s initial online retail figures are in for Christmas Day, and even for mobile devotees they are a stunner.
7% of all online sales were made from iPad. iPhone yields a little- it took 6.4% of sales. Android which came out from nowhere recently is in the 3rd place. 5% of customers used their Android devices to go shopping online.

Of course, these figures don't include apps and games downloaded from the Appstore and Android Market. Their number has increased as well. To make sure you can take a look at our previous blog posts.

Just a quick glance back to how people used their gadgets last year for the same purpose.

  • 18.3 percent of all online sessions on a retailer’s site were initiated from a mobile device, up from 8.4 percent on Christmas Day 2010—an increase of 117.8 percent
  • Sales from mobile devices reached 14.4 percent versus 5.3 percent on Christmas Day 2010—an increase of 172.9 percent.

As we see there is a great difference in comparison. It proves the fact that the influence and necessity of mobile devices in our life becomes obvious and people no longer want to pay for shipping again looking in most cases for value only.

The world really becomes mobile!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Do We Need Smartphones?

Christmas week is behind. It is the very time to take a look at the achieved results.

According to the survey about 7 m. new Android and iPhone devices were sold during Christmas week. To play with their new toys and test them users downloaded a bunch of apps. It was the first time when the number of donwloaded apps exceeded 1 billion per one week. Between December 25-31 people downloaded 1.2 billion of apps from Appstore and Android Market. In comparison with previous December weeks the figure increased up to 60%.

One more interesting fact is that almost the half of all downloads occurred in USA. You can compare it with the other countries given in the image.

These figures just stress the idea that apps become the hottest thing users want to have on the devices, it seems to be one of the most decisive factors of having Android phones or iPhones at all.
Fortunately now it is easy both to download apps and to create them using web services like ours. It doesn't demand programming skills and makes time frames shorter. No doubt, the number of apps in Appstore and Android Market will just increase simultaneously with the number of downloads. It is a high time to create your own app to succeed.