Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snappii Made Buttons Look Different

Snappii has added new cool feature to its apps. If you are interested not only in functionality but in design opportunities too this feature will satisfy your needs for sure. A couple of months ago the possibility to upload your own images for buttons was released. Now this has been even improved. You can change the size of buttons making them too small or really big covering approximately the full screen surface. Upload any picture from your PC or use search on the Web to choose the one you were looking for. The buttons can be made with or without round corners.

You will enjoy playing with the color themes of new-designed controls. Any color is available to highlight the background of an image when only text is left. The only limitation is that one color can be chosen actually, anyway it will be enough to make your app design harmonized. Dye your app look with vivid and rich colors to make it individual and attractive.
The solution of resizing will be the most useful especially for those who find it inconvenient to click on buttons inside apps due to low resolution on their devices. No more tiny and unclickable controls- make buttons as you fancy them.

This feature will help you create indeed beautiful and smart apps for you and your clients. Go to our site and check our new design of the buttons right now.

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