Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Snappii App For Count Dante's Admirers

Count Dante is a fantasy re-telling of the real life Count Dante (John Timophy Keehan 1939-1975) and will serve as a companion to the release of the true-to-life documentary film, The Search for Count Dante.Keehan was born in Beverly on February 2, 1939, to a well-to-do Irish American family. He attended Mount Carmel High School and boxed at Johnny Coulon's 63rd Street gym, and after graduating from high school he joined the marine reserves and later the army, where he learned hand-to-hand combat and jujitsu techniques.
He trained under various martial arts masters during the infancy of Western interest in Asian martial arts during the 1950s. Most notable of the early masters he trained under was sensei Robert Trias. Keehan, after gaining his black belt in karate, went on to become a sensei himself.
Count Dante is one of the many eccentric characters referred to in Robert Rankin's Brentford stories. A number of characters in these stories claim to have learned 'dimac' (presumably a corruption of Dim Mak, the "Touch of Death" advertised by Keehan) from a manual written by Dante. Dante himself is referred to as wearing a mask and living in hiding to avoid murder by the hidden martial masters whose secrets he has made public.

To commemorate the memory of this outstanding person the film mentioned above was shot. To let more people know about the person and the film devoted to him a mobile app was created by Floyd Webb. He used Snappii software to create this amazing and helpful app for Count Dante admirers and all those who keen on martial arts.
The app can be downloaded on the Appstore for only $ 0.99. You can make your own app using Snappii to devote it to any event which has a great meaning in your life.

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