Friday, January 27, 2012

To Test Or Not To Test

Mobile apps are hot today and app creation has become profitable and stable business which is growing rapidly and can bring benefit greater than in any other industry. So, just fancy, you have an idea of your future app which is new on the market and seems to be sensational. To your regret you are not an advanced programmer and not a well-off person to start investing big money in your start-up. There are three ways how to make your app idea real:
- hire app developer;
- learn Objective C;
-find appropriate web service which doesn't demand programming skills for app creating.

The first variant is the most convenient and you will get exactly what you want. But no secret, app customization is very expensive and besides your idea may fail and you will lose your money. The second way will take too much time depending on your experience and ability to make programming at all.
So here comes the way out of the problem both cost-effective and time saving - an app building web service. For moderate monthly fee you will be able to make functional app and submit it to Appstore and/or Android Market. Sounds good. But still there is a shortcoming which combines most of such web services -they are missing the opportunity to see your app on a device before it goes to masses. Say, you create an app and all looks good on website but after submission and approval process it appears to be a messy app with blurred colors view or it is even missing some significant options. Nothing to do except remaking your app and going thru all this process again without any confidence that next time it will be Ok.

However, don't get upset - there are services like Snappii which allows to create apps and test them on your devices to see how exactly your app will look after being published. There are special Preview apps for Iphone/iPad and Android where besides your ready made or half made apps you can see samples of apps which can be built with Snappii. If you would like to make app look entirely like your own and choose White Label option to remove all Snappii signs from it there is a web2phone copy to your service. There will be your splashscreen available and other features which are not supported in Preview app yet. Besides it is a good way to show an app to your potential customers before purchasing and submitting it.
So now you are all set and can be really confident that users of your app won't get disappointed with your app functionality and view. And that is a good sign that your business will flourish.

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