Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Do We Need Smartphones?

Christmas week is behind. It is the very time to take a look at the achieved results.

According to the survey about 7 m. new Android and iPhone devices were sold during Christmas week. To play with their new toys and test them users downloaded a bunch of apps. It was the first time when the number of donwloaded apps exceeded 1 billion per one week. Between December 25-31 people downloaded 1.2 billion of apps from Appstore and Android Market. In comparison with previous December weeks the figure increased up to 60%.

One more interesting fact is that almost the half of all downloads occurred in USA. You can compare it with the other countries given in the image.

These figures just stress the idea that apps become the hottest thing users want to have on the devices, it seems to be one of the most decisive factors of having Android phones or iPhones at all.
Fortunately now it is easy both to download apps and to create them using web services like ours. It doesn't demand programming skills and makes time frames shorter. No doubt, the number of apps in Appstore and Android Market will just increase simultaneously with the number of downloads. It is a high time to create your own app to succeed.

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