Monday, January 23, 2012

True User's Story from Snappii

Snappii is a DIY mobile app platform that allows anyone to create apps without programming skills and inexpensively. Our customer Kenny Rowe has already experienced the advantages of creating mobile apps with Snappii web service without being a programmer. The result of our collateral work is now available on the Appstore and called BeerNav app. This custom branded app discovers the traditional and non-traditionally inspired good beer destinations associated with American Craft Beer. It can be really helpful for admirers of this exalted beverage or anyone who feels like going out and having a good rest in the circle of close friends.

Here is what Kenny said about Snappii:

"Snappii Team,

I wanted to extend a Thank You for the successful launch of my iOS App on the App Store, BeerNav, created using the Snappii platform. The design and creation process was functionally sound and rather straightforward. The submission process to the App Store was seamless. I had trial used and compared several other platforms similar to Snappii before ultimately deciding to move forward Snappii. The built-in features and ease of configuration made Snappii the hands-down choice. Even when issues came up during the design and creation process Snappii was there to help and fix. Having a technical background I basically knew what I wanted to create and develop within an App. What I didn’t necessarily know was the backend programming to integrate everything that I wanted into a functional App. With Snappii I was able to successfully fill in the missing back-end programming knowledge with the devolvement design knowledge that I knew. What I also liked is that as I using Snappii to develop my BeerNav App Snappii was continuously releasing new features and services for me to integrate into my BeerNav App. I look forward to re-releasing BeerNav with some of these other features and services.

I would certainly recommend Snappii to anyone looking to develop and design Apps.

Many thanks!

Kenny Rowe
Developer of iOS App BeerNav"

Snappii team thanks Kenny a lot for his kind words and wishes that BeerNav app got a real success and hit the 100 top apps on the Appstore. We will continue improving our service adding more cool features so that more satisfied users would be able to obtain their own mobile app which seems to be an indispensable tool in modern business

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