Monday, January 16, 2012

What Apps People Prefer To Spend Their Time On?

Lots of apps are downloaded per day, both from the Appstore and Android Market.

The idea of this survey was to see what apps people like most. What the chart to the left shows doesn't surprise. No secret, most of all, engagement apps are hot today, especially games. Social networking takes the second place. These two app categories control 79% of all consumers' total app time. Consumers use these two categories more frequently, and for longer average session lengths, compared to other categories.
Frankly speaking both games and social networking apps are meant to help users spend their spare time interacting with their friends or just playing funny games while going somewhere and having nothing to do.
The apps which provide more valuable information like news or business stuff are downloaded more rarely. Anyway they are very significant for those who really need them. The reason for their less usage is not because users don't like them. There is a majority of game and funny apps to be downloaded but not many of business apps which can bring profit and attract customers.
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