Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Start And We Finish Your Apps

You are not afraid of making changes and trying new ways to go to grow your business. You don't have to risk when achieved results are obvious. Using mobile apps for your industry will give you lots of benefits such as attracting new clients and strengthening relations with already existing ones. Custom iPhone and Android apps are popular as they have never been before. Getting them involved in your business marketing will greatly improve the popularity of services and products you provide people with.  If Snappii app development solution seems expensive to you you can always choose DIY platform and make apps on your own. However it is difficult sometimes to understand exactly how the customization should be made to get what you exactly need. Besides some users cannot afford themselves spending many hours on completing their apps.

Snappii helps people who are short on time or are facing some difficulties understanding the app making process, finish their apps. Snappii offers this service for only $30 an hour. Making an app can take from 2 to 10 hours vs. many months when people outsource to programmers who write apps from scratch. A person can do as much or as little app development. Snappii’s model of “You-Start-We-Finish” is economical and practical. Snappii team closely work with customers and not only design the apps and submit them to stores, but also assist in creating developer accounts, setting up pricing fees for the app downloads, making metadata changes and uploading screenshots.

All are welcome to visit Snappii website today, the place where app creation becomes affordable and enjoyable.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Make Tour Guide Apps

Snappii users have created a lot of useful city guide apps which can be helpful both for citizens and tourists. You can find some of the examples in our App Gallery. In our today's blog entry we will discuss the similar type of apps which can be easily made with the help of WYSIWYG editor - tour guide app. During summers when vacations are frequent such apps are of extra popularity. It doesn't matter if you are a travel agency owner or a tourist who is eager to start his travel. Tour guide apps include all the necessary information and tools you need for traveling, assisting you in looking for an appropriate tours and conditions. These apps will tell you all about hotels where you can check in, best prices and special offers, places for sightseeing and many more useful features you will appreciate such as:

•    Show videos and pics of  the tour
•    An interactive map of the tour
•    Schedule of  tours
•    Take reservation and sell tickets
•    One button call, email, access to website
•    Participate in loyalty programs
•    Show nearest hotels, restaurants, bars etc.
•    Let customers take pictures and share them on social nets
•    Answer questions via customer Forum
•    Offer specials
•    & more!

If you desire to get Tour Guide app please visit our site and request it and in the next 48 hours Snappii team will dummy up a prototype app for you totally Free. Or you can endeavor to make it on your own using our Do-It-Yourself platform. iPhone and Android apps on smartphones are all the rage. Get this app to promote your tourist business and succeed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Make An App For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is popular today. Not only pop and film stars want to look splendid and conceal aging. Some common people also address plastic surgeons to change aftermaths of incidents or accidents. Others are just eager to get some parts of their bodies altered they are not satisfied with. To make a long story short plastic surgery population is growing all the time and attract more people to use their service to stand out of the crowd or come back to their normal life. If you are an owner of plastic surgery office you must have been really interested in promoting your business. One of the best and freshest solutions is to create a custom mobile app which will tell users all about your business. List your advantages and differences from similar services and attract new clients and potential prospects.

A custom made app for your Plastic Surgery business will take your practice to the new level and leave your competitors behind.  Your Apple and Android app will let you:

•    Promote your practice in Apple and Google App stores
•    Let customers spread the word with “before” and “after” pictures
•    Find your location(s) with GPS directions
•    Fill out applications before visiting office and reduce paper work
•    Request and schedule an appointment
•    Provide a forum for a Q&A
•    Sell products and additional services
•   Promote your service using QR codes
•   Calculate costs of services
•   Integrate Social Channels into your app
•    & more

If you want to get such an app or just preview it on your devices please fill out App Development Request and get a FREE prototype. Mobile app development has never been so easy and affordable. Visit our site already today and get powerful and functional Plastic Surgery app.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Create Digital Signatures?

Snappii is proud to announce Sign/Draw button/field support for its mobile apps. With the help of it it is possible now to create and share digital signatures or draw pictures and send them to your friends and etc. Just add this element to Custom tab or to Form tab as a field and draw anything you would like to share. Let's see what digital signature is. 

A Digital signature takes the concept of traditional paper-based signing and turn it into an electronic "fingerprint.” This "fingerprint,” or coded message, is unique to both the document and the signer and binds both of them together. The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the signer. Any changes made to the document after it is signed invalidate the signature, thereby protecting against signature forgery and information tampering. Digital signatures help organizations sustain signer authenticity, accountability, data integrity and non-repudiation of electronic documents and forms. 

Many aspects of an organization's workflow processes require formal authorizations or approvals. So Sign/Draw element will simplify your work and together with electonic forms will become a perfect alternative to numerous paper forms and documentation. "Eliminate paper work and go green" can now become your company motto as your  iPhone/iPad or Android app will offer you great opportunities for your business expand and success. Make an app with this feature yourself or have our team built it for you. We would love to see your feedback here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Make Customers' Loyalty Apps

Loyalty programs are a way for the retailer to encourage the continued patronage of customers. They allow retailers to gather data on customer behavior in order to decipher trends, appropriately reward loyalty, and influence shopping behavior. Loyalty schemes take many forms. The customer rewards cards that clutter wallets and clog key chains of many a shopper may soon be no more, as retailers move from physical to digital forms of loyalty program member identification. It's a smart decision. Especially QR code coupons are hot today. The ability of these odd and at the same time unique codes to store much information is impressive. Input any data type in them to show clients your locations, allow them to add you to contacts,watch videos,access your website and the most important option is to reward customers' loyalty using them. The process is simple:

- you create a QR code coupon on our site (it will take a couple of minutes)
- add QR code scanner into your app to enable users to scan the coupons you create
- print out QR code coupons and place them at cash desk or somewhere else in your shop to give clients for scanning after they buy something from you.

This way retailers will give customers a chance to get discounts, freebies, giveaways. Scanning QR codes itself is fun and most people will enjoy them for sure. QR code coupons loyalty programs are a great tool for promoting your products and services and attracting new clients. The majority of people have iPhone/iPads and devices on Android platform. They will obviously prefer using mobile apps to carrying plastic cards in their wallets with them. All the info they need will be stored in the app including the scan date, number of scans and the scans left to redeem coupons.

Snappii focuses on creating useful and powerful custom apps for most businesses. Both full app development service and DIY platforms are available. Visit our site today and get a discount of 20%. This offer will last at the end of August already. Don't miss your chance to create a great app for your clients, expand your business and save your time/money.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Alliance Created Their App With Snappii

The Green Alliance was born from a partnership of community environmental advocacy and business ingenuity. Green Alliance founding business, Simply Green Biofuels, was trying to break into a market dominated by fossil fuels, when they realized that an alliance of similarly green-minded businesses might bring more tangible results. Simply Green owner Andrew Kellar knew that Seacoast residents using biofuel would probably be similarly interested in green landscaping companies, green restaurants, and the like. Kellar had the idea of teaming up with these other local green businesses, where each business would offer each other's customers mutual discounts, while sharing best business practices and marketing techniques.

As an organization representing over 100 local businesses from across industries and sectors, the Green Alliance (GA) has long had devices on developing an app that would bring all of their clients under one, hand-held umbrella. Those digital dreams finally came true last month when Snappii – a GA member company specializing in smart phone app development for small businesses – announced the roll-out of a comprehensive, multi-feature GA app.

GA app is easy to find in the Appstore, it is compatible for both iPhone and iPad. Download this app totally for free to activate your Mobile Green card and use for exclusive savings with all the Green Alliance Business Partners. This useful app will allow users to find the nearest locations, communicate via Facebook and Twitter, get Push Notifications about special deals and the latest news, watch videos and much more.

Request your own app at Snappii website and get a free prototype in the next 48 hours. Useful and  functional apps are only some clicks away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sizzle Your Summer. Publish Your App Now

This hot summer we are happy to announce that you will get a 20% discount if you publish your app by the end of August 2012. If you need our help to finish your app please contact us. We are looking forward to assisting you.
This discount would apply to all platforms you want your app to run on, Dasboard and White Label options included – all on a monthly basis. If you are a partner and make custom mobile apps for your clients feel free to use this discount as well.

 To get a discount please enter the code July2012 on the DIY pricing page.
If you cannot afford yourself to spend much time on creating an app on your own please let us know and we will make an iPhone, iPad or Android app for you. For this just fill out the App Request Form with your requirements and get a Free Prototype already in the nest 48 hours. First test your app and only then pay. 
Sincerely yours
The Snappii Team

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Make City Guide Apps

Today we will devote our blog entry to city guide apps. Let's take a look at how to create such apps, which advantages they will give to users and so on. Summer is the time of vacations and holidays. Many tourists go abroad to see distant countries, sightsee and have a good rest. It is difficult not to lose oneself in an unknown place without knowing routes and nearest locations. Mobile apps will help travelers always find their way in new cities and resorts. They won't miss a chance to be in time to see everything that is worth seeing if they use city guide app as it will provide them with everything people need: places to eat, to sleep and for entertainment.  Let's see which opportunities city guide apps can offer to their clients:

-provide nearest locations (hotels, museums, beaches etc.)
-find locations (enter a location and find the route)
-keep users updated (RSS feeds, About Us info)
-participate in forum which will enable users to share their opinions and get hints
-take and email photos
-make online orders
-make appointments, book rooms and tickets
-purchase via apps (using PayPal)
-find out about local events
-and more

Besides this useful functionality you can add more custom features which will be available for your app. To get such an app just fill out the App Request Form on our site. Snappii has already created a bunch of great city guide apps like Portsmouth NH City Guide  and Newark City Guide apps. Your app will be compatible with iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. To find out more about creating your apps please contact us.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Having A Custom Mobile App

After any business is established it takes a lot of time and money to make it known and attractive. One of the major factors of business success is marketing your goods and services. When people know more about you they feel more comfortable to use your products. They trust you and believe you. This kind of relations is necessary to build sound and successful business. Other side is that your business must offer clients something they don't receive from your competitors and if they still get it you should offer anything more unique and easier to use.

Let's take into account using up-to-date devices and mobile apps which are so hot today. Most clients have gadgets, they eagerly use them, even small children can handle them. People spend hours being online from their mobile devices, they perform various tasks which previously demanded physical presence or staying in a queue. Modern tools simplify our lives and help businesses such as retailers, hoteliers, bar/cafe/restaurant owners etc. to promote themselves.

Here is a short list of what iPhone,iPad and Android apps can allow users to do:

-Provide business directions
-Show lists of items/products
-One button call, email, access to website
-Collect customers' feedback
-Fill out digital forms and submit them
-Send Push Notifications
-Scan QR codes/coupons
-Take and email pictures
-Make in-app purchases
-Order online
-Make calculations
-Participate in group discussions
-Integrate Social Media
-and More

The benefits are visible. Give your customers/prospects an opportunity to easier find you and perform a bunch of other helpful options in minutes and on the go. Custom app is the greatest solution you can take to improve your business and increase income. Everyone who is interested can figure out more by visiting our website and sending Snappii team the app request form. Many businesses have already obtained mobile apps - don't miss a chance to get your own.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Enjoy Your Summer With Snappii Apps

It is the middle of the summer. It means a perfect weather, majority of tourists, new adventures and friends. But it can be an excellent time for people who don't relax during these hot days as well like retailers, travel and hospitality agents and so on. Most people go on holidays and visit distant countries to lie in the sun and bathe in warm sea waters. Tourists are really eager to spend money on hotels, restaurants, cafes, excursions, tours, even buy many useless things which will remind them about their vacation. It is the high time to attract new clients and customers to your business and succeed. The easiest and at the same time one of the most profitable ways to let people outside know about you is to get a mobile app which will tell them all about your business and help tourist find your business among numerous competitors.
iPhone/iPad and Android apps can do the following:

- provide business directions (help prospects find your locations)
- call, email and easy access to your website (the more they know about you the better)
- stick QR codes to anything which is worth people's attention (e.g. if you a bar owner, put a code on a beer glass and most will scan it just for fun or curiosity)
- reward customers loyalty by using QR code coupons (give clients discounts, freebies if they visit you frequently, they will appreciate it, great advantages for retail business)
- make online purchases (why have a real wallet if PayPal is more comfortable to use)
- book rooms, make appointments and orders, any kind of forms for submissions (it eliminates paper usage, saves your time and money)
- watch YouTube videos (people like it)
- keep clients always updated (RSS feeds and Push Notifications will reach every customer and notify them about your special offers)
- let users interact in Forum (ask or answer questions to figure out their points of view)
- Social channels integration (let people share their opinions and promote your business instead of you)
- and More

So you see that such an app is a big deal and offers a great number of opportunities for you. The fact that the popularity of mobile devices and apps is still growing just doubles your chances to succeed by creating your own app. Practically everyone has iPhone or smartphone on Android platform nowadays. They will search for your app for sure to know more. It is not difficult to get a mobile app even if you are not a programmer. Just fill out the App Request Form on Snappii site and get a free prototype in the next 48 hours. Apps have never been so easy and quick to get. No matter what business you are into - an app will always help you be reachable and stand out of the crowd.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To Improve Retail Business Using Mobile Apps

A new wave of mobile retail apps allows smartphones and tablets to be used for in-store promotion, marketing and purchasing services. Retailers can differentiate their customer engagement and needs by creating powerful apps for customers’ smartphones. These applications can be delivered over cellular networks or via in-store customer Wi-Fi portals. These apps designed for mobile workers and customers give retailers new opportunities to retain customers, cross-sell and up-sell products and services and improve customer satisfaction. Mobile apps simplify the process of shopping and attract new clients as most people have gadgets and use them for a great range of activities and not only to make calls and send SMS.

Retailers are improving their service by giving their associates Apple iPads and iPhones that be used to bring up product catalogs, product reviews and videos. List functionality to see which items are sold and Product list to specify what you want to buy this time. Customers also can find store locations using nearby functionality, and place orders online using digital forms.

Other retailers have created concierge apps for modern devices that allow shoppers to get independent reviews and videos, and give feedback or connect with social media. Shoppers can use mobile apps to “check in” when they arrive at a store, which presents retailers with new opportunities to reward loyal customers and their friends. QR codes coupons work this way and allow frequent buyers get specials, freebies, bigger discounts by scanning them using special iPhone and Android smartphone apps.

That's why it is easy for retailers to use in-store marketing apps to present shoppers with financial incentives, such as rewards and discounts. Shoppers can also use mobile e-commerce apps to buy a product if it is out of stock in the brick-and-mortar store. Or shoppers can buy on their phone, and pick up their purchase in the store.

The growing role of mobility in retail business is obvious. To survive in the frames of constant competition most retailers will need to support their business by having their own app. If you already have an app idea you are welcome to visit Snappii website and fill in the form with your requirements to help Snappii team better understand and build your mobile app for retail business. See how other apps look and work here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Make Custom Apps Instead Of Generic Ones?

You have an idea to create your own app and even know how to make it come true. But don't be in a hurry thinking that your app idea is unique and will become popular in any case. There are more than 600 000 apps in the Appstore only so it is not surprising that apps similar to what you want have been already created by someone. Take into consideration the platforms on which your app will run. The most popular now are iOS and Android ones. Large amounts of iPhone, iPad and Android apps are downloaded every day from the Appstore and Google Play and their popularity is still growing. If your idea is not new e.g. it is hard to invent something unique regarding retail, banking, hospitality industries there is no reason to get into despair. You can customize your app and make it stand out of the crowd with its splendid and up-to-date design. Generic apps perform the similar tasks but look pretty much the same. Take care of your app customization, add vivid colors and powerful functionality to attract users and help them select your app among numerous competitors. Custom apps have the very features your clients will need without additional things which will be never used. The main benefit custom apps can offer in difference with generic ones is that they will suit your business the best. Generic apps are oriented on a common user who will use some of the options the most depending on his needs. Making a custom app you will get the software to do exactly what you need it to do, saving time for yourself and the other employees who may use the software. Custom software development starts with identifying your goals and the needs to meet your business. That's why it is important to figure out what should be in the app and what not. Will it be iPhone or Android app and etc.

How to get a custom mobile app without having programming knowledge? This question is no longer actual today. Such web service as Snappii offers additional customization for the apps created on its platform. Fill in the app development request to let snappii team know how exactly to make your app, how it will work, who will app users be, nothing unnecessary - only what you want to get. Custom apps are some times better than generic ones and the advantages are visible. You have an app idea, know how to make it real, now it is the high time to succeed succeed. Give it a try at Snappii site and get your app live in the Appstore and Google Play shortly.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Transportation and Logistics Apps

Transportation and logistics businesses depend much on time accuracy. It is really significant to deliver goods for instance from one country or state to another on time especially if the order is special and regard products which are easily spoiled. Using GPS navigaters is not enough to supply truck drivers. Any truck can break on the way to a destination and schedule will need to be altered. It is impossible to take into account all the potential factors which can influence. Besides truckers' tasks include much paper work which they would like to get rid of as it takes more time and they are always short of it.
The best solution for people occupied in transportation or logistics business can be a mobile app which include far more powerful features than usual GPS navigator. It will show you the route, arrange your schedule and the following things:
-        Eliminate paper forms
Just filling out electronic forms will be enough. They are easy to input especially on devices with big displays like iPads and Android tablets. Modern devices are compact and store a lot of data to work with.

-        Accelerate invoicing

Again fill in the required info and submit it via emails or server side. Use calculators which work offline, digital signature will allow to sign out documents without the necessity to be at place. Apps make purchases possible e.g. via PayPal functionality.

-        Improve communication with drivers in the field
Good communication while drivers are going is too necessary. Always be in touch with them and make sure your deliver will be successful.
Your app will be able to do even more, find out what apps Snappii creates and request your own here. All wishes and ideas are welcome! Create your own app and let your business succeed.