Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Make City Guide Apps

Today we will devote our blog entry to city guide apps. Let's take a look at how to create such apps, which advantages they will give to users and so on. Summer is the time of vacations and holidays. Many tourists go abroad to see distant countries, sightsee and have a good rest. It is difficult not to lose oneself in an unknown place without knowing routes and nearest locations. Mobile apps will help travelers always find their way in new cities and resorts. They won't miss a chance to be in time to see everything that is worth seeing if they use city guide app as it will provide them with everything people need: places to eat, to sleep and for entertainment.  Let's see which opportunities city guide apps can offer to their clients:

-provide nearest locations (hotels, museums, beaches etc.)
-find locations (enter a location and find the route)
-keep users updated (RSS feeds, About Us info)
-participate in forum which will enable users to share their opinions and get hints
-take and email photos
-make online orders
-make appointments, book rooms and tickets
-purchase via apps (using PayPal)
-find out about local events
-and more

Besides this useful functionality you can add more custom features which will be available for your app. To get such an app just fill out the App Request Form on our site. Snappii has already created a bunch of great city guide apps like Portsmouth NH City Guide  and Newark City Guide apps. Your app will be compatible with iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. To find out more about creating your apps please contact us.

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