Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Make Customers' Loyalty Apps

Loyalty programs are a way for the retailer to encourage the continued patronage of customers. They allow retailers to gather data on customer behavior in order to decipher trends, appropriately reward loyalty, and influence shopping behavior. Loyalty schemes take many forms. The customer rewards cards that clutter wallets and clog key chains of many a shopper may soon be no more, as retailers move from physical to digital forms of loyalty program member identification. It's a smart decision. Especially QR code coupons are hot today. The ability of these odd and at the same time unique codes to store much information is impressive. Input any data type in them to show clients your locations, allow them to add you to contacts,watch videos,access your website and the most important option is to reward customers' loyalty using them. The process is simple:

- you create a QR code coupon on our site (it will take a couple of minutes)
- add QR code scanner into your app to enable users to scan the coupons you create
- print out QR code coupons and place them at cash desk or somewhere else in your shop to give clients for scanning after they buy something from you.

This way retailers will give customers a chance to get discounts, freebies, giveaways. Scanning QR codes itself is fun and most people will enjoy them for sure. QR code coupons loyalty programs are a great tool for promoting your products and services and attracting new clients. The majority of people have iPhone/iPads and devices on Android platform. They will obviously prefer using mobile apps to carrying plastic cards in their wallets with them. All the info they need will be stored in the app including the scan date, number of scans and the scans left to redeem coupons.

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