Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Convince Clients That They Need an iPhone App

Just about every business person out there knows why it is important to have a website. However when it comes to clients’ understanding about iPhone apps many clients do not have a clear idea about why their business needs and app and what it will do for them

I will help you articulate the differences between websites and apps so that you could clearly explain the benefits of apps to your clients.

Websites vs. Apps

So the customer says I already have a web site. What do I need an app for? The simple answer is that apps engage customers in a way that websites never could.

1. App Store Presence = Being Found. There are over 250 million websites in the world today. The chances of your customer’s website being found is realistically speaking pretty small. Even though there are several hundred thousand apps in the iPhone App Store, chances are your app will show up in a search if it were tagged with specific keywords and its function is specific in nature. For example a search for “Law Firm Boston” produced only 2 results. Your client could be the third! Given the number of searches in the App Store that’s a lot of new exposure!

2. Universal Access = business anytime, anywhere. App users can access your information anytime from anywhere. A well designed app will let you do this even if Internet connection is not present. Customers live busy lives so enabling them to do business with you 7/24 is a major plus and often makes the difference between getting the business or not

3. Taking Pictures = fun and time saving. Apps are great at taking advantage of Smartphone features. Being able to take a picture and instantly send it opens up all kinds of new ways of customer engagement. From send us your picture contests to taking a picture of a smashed car and submitting insurance claim. Can’t do that with a website

4. One touch Calling = super convenience. The phone is in your customers hands all day long vs an hour a day an average person spends on a computer. When a person needs your product or service think about how easy it is to open your app and make a call. In today’s busy world, this simple convenience often makes the difference between making a sale or not

5. Time spent with Smartphone = massive branding. As I mentioned already an average person spends about an hour a day on a computer and numerous times per day paying attention to the Smartphone. Just walk around any city and take a look at people around you. People are “glued” to their Smartphone!

6. Engagement = response = results. The Smartphone is still a novelty. When a message pops up on the screen people pay attention. That’s how it was with email 15 years ago. You can engage customers and get response to promotions many times that of emailed newsletters. Many businesses have realized this and are using Smartphone notification services to announce special deals and drive customer traffic to the nearby stores

7. GPS = Help them find you. Another simple convenience offered by Smartphone. Just about every Smartphone has a GPS. Customers can get step by step directions to clients’ nearest locations. Can’t do that with a website

Snappii adds Social Media Integration

This week Snappii added Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons so that customers can stay connected with all the good stuff that is being posted on your social venues.

Use Facebook tab to show Facebook pages to users. Use a mobile version of a URL which begins with letter "m". To figure out the full url go to site. Navigate to particular page of interest. Then copy the URL and paste it in to the url field.

Same with LinkedIn. Use a mobile version of a URL which begins with letter "m". To figure out the full url go to site. Navigate to particular page of interest. Then copy the URL and paste it in to the url field.

To add Twitter, simply enter your Username.

You can also add a Web Site tab. Use this tab to direct users to a particular URL and leverage functionality already available on your website. Now your app users are able to visit your web site right from your app.

Try all these features at today!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snappii ads total color control for app makers

Colors play great part in our life. Its a proved fact that people respond to colored signs and texts more than to black-and-white schemes.
Snappii brought in this technology into app building process. Now Snappii users can totally control colors they want their iPhone app look like.

All is simple, as usual.

When you edit your apps, press the App Theme button to the left, under the app icon, as in the picture below:

Then you will see a window where you can change your app colors.
Background color
Foreground color
Navigation bar
Search bar
Color for Lists items
Buttons color

Playing with colors, you can make your app unique. When you finish, your app will look more stylish with your own color scheme.

Try the new feature at

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Add List Button to your app

Snappii service keeps improving its features, and now it has added a new control. It is List Control.
Use List button if you want to show more details about your business. If you have a restaurant – you can show your menu; if it’s a shop – show your price list or the catalog. It can be anything you want to show to your customers.

What you should do to add your list with your information in your app?

Your List should be in Excel format and contain only the following columns: Header1, Image1, Details1, Header2, Image2, Details2, and Details3.
Header – it’s the title. Header 1 it’s general title (For example: Our Menu). Header 2 is more specific (For example: Out Breakfast)
Image – it’s a picture that conforms to the Header.
Details – it’s some information for your customers you need to show. It can be a price list, a catalogue with a description of clothes or shoes.
Details 1 and Details 2 should contain just a few words (For example: Details 1 “You can eat it only at our restaurant!” and Details 2 “Every morning our breakfast sandwiches are fresh before sunrise”).