Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Add List Button to your app

Snappii service keeps improving its features, and now it has added a new control. It is List Control.
Use List button if you want to show more details about your business. If you have a restaurant – you can show your menu; if it’s a shop – show your price list or the catalog. It can be anything you want to show to your customers.

What you should do to add your list with your information in your app?

Your List should be in Excel format and contain only the following columns: Header1, Image1, Details1, Header2, Image2, Details2, and Details3.
Header – it’s the title. Header 1 it’s general title (For example: Our Menu). Header 2 is more specific (For example: Out Breakfast)
Image – it’s a picture that conforms to the Header.
Details – it’s some information for your customers you need to show. It can be a price list, a catalogue with a description of clothes or shoes.
Details 1 and Details 2 should contain just a few words (For example: Details 1 “You can eat it only at our restaurant!” and Details 2 “Every morning our breakfast sandwiches are fresh before sunrise”).

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