Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Make an iPad/Android App For Insurance Adjusters

Life has both white and dark stripes. Sometimes unpleasant moments occur like car accidents during traffic jams and other damages. To find out the reasons of what has happened and to evaluate the cost of damages an insurance adjuster is needed. How to save money and get rid of filling out numerous papers when every minute counts. We would like to offer you a special app which will both eliminate paper work and save your time. Mobile app for insurance adjusters have everything necessary to fulfil usual tasks adjusters do. Before calling an insurance adjuster with the help of such an app claimants can fill in the required fields to describe the situation and upload pictures to prove their words. That would be some times quicker  than if you fill it all out using usual paper forms. Besides before going to the place of accident adjusters can already estimate the costs of damage or even avoid going there as all the evidence stuff is available.

This app which perfectly suits iPad and Android tablets due to their high resolution and big screens will help claimants to find insurance agencies locations. Easy access to websites. contact info and emails will simplify the clients's task to find and reach you.

It is a high time to obtain such an app, fill out the app request form on Snappii site and get a free Prototype app in the next 48 hours. Your iPhone, iPad and Android app for insurance adjusters is just some clicks away. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Field Inspection Needs An Ipad, Android Tablet App

Today's blog post is dedicated to the benefits of mobile apps for field inspection. It is clear that mobility is everything for people working in this industry. How to save time and eliminate paper work. PCs and even laptops is something that people don't want to carry around. They are not available in fields and can be used only in the offices. Their place is gradually taken by iPads and various tablets on Android as they perform the same as computers and are easy to use outside. iPad and Android tablets are small, light and can be simply placed into your bag. Besides their working time without recharging is good enough to operate all day long. These devices are equipped with cameras and have high resolution which greatly simplify working with electronic forms and entering any data into mobile apps. iPad and Android apps can collect customer data, such as date, text, use various calculators, upload images and show your  current location.
Besides your mobile app will help you:

1.      Save time and accelerate business processes

2.      Eliminate paper forms and save money

3.      Improve data accuracy

4.       Be flexible and attractive for your clients

Getting such an app is not difficult and expensive, everyone can fill out the form on our site and get a free prototype in the next 48 hours already. See your app already created and only then pay. Check out our mobile apps here or download Snappii Preview app. Feel free to try our service.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Replace Paper Forms With Electronic Ones

Tons of money are spent yearly on paper for offices and field services. That leads to some disadvantages such as wasting much money and inconveniences while working with paper. It can be easily damaged, lost, spoilt and etc. It is difficult to store paper documentation, fill out paper forms and deliver them. It would be dozen times easier to use electronic forms instead.
They are quicker to fill out and submit them via emails and web post modes. The speed of delivery process is great and doesn't require middlemen. How to eliminate paper and replace it with electronic forms inexpensively and rapidly? Request such an app at Snappii site and get a free prototype in the next 48 hours. With the help of this app you will be able to easily handle big volumes of paper work and save your precious time. Besides electronic forms your app will support the following features:

    -Provide directions to your locations
   -Provide a list of medicines
   -One touch call, email, access to website
   -Give info about your pharmacy
   -Eliminate paper and go green
   -Collect feedback from customers
   -To purchase online using PayPal
   -Make orders using electronic forms
   -Services offered
   -Ask questions
   -Social media integration
    -Push notifications/reminders
Together with various types of forms an iPhone or Android app will greatly assist you especially if it goes about iPads and Android tablets as they are more flexible and convenient due to bigger screens. Simplify your business conditions already today and order such an app at Snappii website.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Form Enhancements and Calculators on Snappii

An electronic form can be really significant and indispensable feature in your app if your activities include much paper work. Why spend a lot of time and money on paper forms? It is easier to fill them in on devices especially the ones with bigger resolutions. IPad or Android tablets forms will logically replace paper form and will allow you to eliminate paper usage and go green.

Snappii platform allows creating numerous types of electronic forms for various industries and recently has added new and powerful enhancements to form controls. Previously users could submit their filled out forms via email and web post mode in spreadsheets and body formats. Now it is possible to use PDF format as well. You can choose either one format or all three and send out the same form in 3 ways. Multichoice field now enables users to add their own variants and make other users see them and choose. Users can also enter multiple line options on multiple choice input control (for example, for addresses). Due to email enhancement now submitting forms to any email address is available. This feature is powerful indeed as previously it was all limited by entering a single email address and only in the WYSIWYG editor. Now these changes are easy to make within apps. To enrich app functionality some new controls were added to the editor. I'm saying about Table and Calculator controls. Table field allows to add any other fields from the list and multiply them when needed clicking on "Plus" sign. For instance if you want to upload additional pictures, texts, dates this field will be helpful for you. Add fields without going to our site. One more enhancement is connected with the ability to enter formulas and make calculations. Visit our Editor to figure out the opportunities of calculations you can make. Count the difference between days and months (Date/Time Formula), sum up different parameters (Number Formula) in other words make any arithmetic operation you will need with the help of iPhone and Android apps.

If you want such an app, please fill out the App Request Form on our site and get a free prototype app in next 48 hours. Form apps and various calculators are easy to create with Snappii

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snappii Supports Native Android and Goes On Adding Functionality

Now Android apps created on Snappii utilize native Android APIs. That means that Snappii Android apps run faster and became more stable. Additionally, Snappii has introduced new features for its Android platform support.  With the help of the last additions users can implement the following functionality into their apps such as:

-     Create  Android apps in 17 languages
-     Utilize enhanced color schemes;
-     Leverage Google maps to show business locations;
-     Create apps that take photos;
-     Create merchant apps utilizing Paypal functionality
-    QR codes and coupons support
-     and many more useful features coming soon.

Currently our developers are working on User Management project and soon it will be released for Android platform as well. Android apps work the same as iOS ones at the point of stabilty and quality. That is really important for Android admirers.  When submitted to Google play apps don't require reviewing process and are accepted at once. If you appreciate your time and want your app to go live as soon as possible Android app will work the best for you.

Now Snappii supports its apps on many more Android devices and include both working on tablets and smartphones. In case user’s device will not support the apps created on Snappii there will be nothing to worry about as the list of supported devices is available to see, besides it is simple to test Android apps using Preview App to make sure all is working fine. All are welcome to test Android apps on Snappii site. Request an Android app on our site or do it yourself without programming skills.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Make A Real Estate App

How to make your real estate business successful and well-known for clients and potential prospects. 
The answer is obvious - using up-to-date technologies. People adore gadgets and modern devices, download many apps from Appstore and Google Play and would like to be online for hours. Why not make an iPhone or Android app which will perfectly suit those who are interested in buying or selling properties and are looking for real estate agents. The chief idea of having this app is to make it possible for people to easily find you and all the available data on the web. When prospects know about you they can rely on you and believe you. Here is a short list of what real estate apps can do:

– provide directions
– call - email – access to website
– list of your homes for sale
– allow perspective buyers to find open house events 
– allow perspective buyers to find rentals
– request more information from you using different kinds of forms
– let clients know when new homes/rentals are available using Push Notifications
– perspective buyers can scan your QR codes,let them use QR code coupons
– perspective buyers can take pictures and share them with those who could not attend walk through
– provide a list of all your agents
– perspective buyer can request a viewing

The benefits of having such an app are great. Don't spend time and money on hiring app developers when you can choose Snappii web service. Snappii offers cost-effective and quick app development and customization. Feel free to download and install Preview app to test your existing apps, Demo apps and App Gallery. Real Estate app is easy to get, just fill out the App request form and you will receive a quick response.  And in the next 48 every client will be able to see a prototype app to make sure it works ok. First run your app on a device and only then pay.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Benefits Of Fitness Club App

To keep fit people go in different kinds of sport. Unfortunately modern rhythm of life doesn't supply us with a lot of time and only at weekends some hours can be spent for healthy and pleasant activities. Still there is a way out of the problem for busy people especially in cold seasons - fitness clubs. They are open all days long and can be visited after your working day is over.  No haste as you will always come in time and spend a short period of time there to stay healthy and relax after work. Due to growing popularity of sport and fashion on beautiful bodies plenty of fitness clubs appear all over the world. It needs a lot marketing activities and hence much money spent on ads, media, staff and etc. Still there are some more cost-effective methods how to attract humans to your club and keep them.
The thing that is not less popular than sport itself - a mobile app. With the help of up-to-date web services this task doesn't seem so difficult and expensive. Let's figure out only some of the advantages an iphone/ipad or android app can offer:

 – apps will provide directions to clubs locations
–  easy access to contact info, email, website
–  post your membership fees and enable clients to purchase them via PayPal
– become members by signing out using electronic forms
– eliminate plastic cards when possible, save money – go green
–  get feedback from your visitors and improve your business
– track progress, people are more motivated and concentrated when they see evidence to their progress
– post your programs and schedules of activities
–  list all of your equipment to let members know how many machines are there in your fitness club
–  provide users with facility
–  send Push Notifications to keep clients updated
–  More

It will greatly promote your club and help you stand out in the crowd. Smart gadgets are always with people wherever they are, use benefits of them to easily reach clients and simplify their lives by using your own mobile app. You are just 4 steps away from getting your own app:

1. Fill out app request form on Snappii site
2. Get a quick response to specify details
3. In 48 hours get a  free prototype app for free, run it on your device to check its working
4. Let us build an inexpensive but very powerful app for you and make it go live in the Appstore and Google Play.
See other iOS and Android apps in App Gallery and install Preview app to check Demos. Creating an app has been never so simple.

Monday, June 4, 2012

How To Find App Developers

Standing out among your competitors demands constant search for new opportunities which will make you different from others and attract new customers. Using up-to-date technologies for the sake of promoting your business can assist you a lot. Let's take into consideration mobile apps which are hot today and a bunch of them is downloaded by people of various ages and yearly income. It would be more valuable if iPhone or Android application told potential clients about you. They speak better than any ad as provide not only slogans but also a great amount of helpful info about your business, enable users to do a lot of cool things, find you, communicate with you and etc. If you finally decide that a mobile app is the very thing you were looking for there is a question how to get it if there are no programming skills and no wish to waste money.

Seeking for a proper app developer is a hard task as requires finding out a huge number of reasons what or whom to choose. If you are not interested in hiring app developers as they are too pricey you shouldn't get disappointed as there are many other opportunities to obtain a smart app. Where to find apps developers and select from them. Let's take a look at numerous online web services. Here are some hints how to find a really good one.

First of all pay attention to the apps already created with this app builder. In case something similar to what you need is found mark this service for you. Good app creating companies usually provide samples on their sites like this and allow to download apps for free so that everyone makes sure that they look and work Ok. Figure out how many apps are there in the Appstore and Google Play. Which are the most powerful features their apps can offer. For instance generating QR codes, in-app purchases, an ability to fill out and send electronic forms are splendid indeed. They won't only enrich your app regarding functionality but will save you a ton of money and time you will spend on marketing goals and paper without such an app. Sometimes you don't have enough time to wait for your app creation. Filter the services which will make you an app quicker. Speed is not always an indicator of lack of quality. Some services like allow to create apps in minutes as there is no necessity to develop apps from scratch, already written pieces of codes are used.

Think hard about the need to update your app - how often you will want to do it and how big the changes will be. Dealing with source code requires programmers. Already existing code makes it possible to easily and fast update all the changes. Why pay much money to app programmers if you are able to get the same app using Snappii. Come to Snappii site and request apps of any complexity and flexibility. There is a unique possibility to get a free prototype app to see how your future app will be working on iPhone/iPad or Android devices. Give it a try and get you own app!

Friday, June 1, 2012

What Benefits Can Credit Union App Offer?

A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative, democratically controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at competitive rates, and providing other financial services to its members. All the operations fulfiled here imply a lot of paper work and besides take much time. Using iPad and Android tablet apps will speed the whole process which will save both money and time. First of all Credit Union app will explain terms and conditions of Mobile Market Agreement and give people the introduction to the benefits and the necessity of using this service. Custom app will provide directions to your locations, helping your clients easily find you especially in big cities. Users will be able to find you online, an app can redirect to a website, provide all the contact info and etc. Reducing paper work is one of the main advantages. It is possible due to numerous electronic forms which can be filled out into the app, no need to waste paper. Request an appointment with loan officer to discuss discrepancies or other important issues. With the help of PayPal functionality people can pay bills and make transfers e.g. from savings to checking accounts. One more benefit is an easy and quick access to Account Information, everyone will be able to check balances, earned interest, over drafts. Check your deposits and rate checks from home by means of your helpful app. As you can see having such an app on your iPhone or Android device for your credit union will assist you greatly in work.

You can get such an app on Snappii website. Just fill out the form with your requirements and Snappii team will get back with a reply shortly. Look at Snappii apps here and download Snappii Preview app from Appstore and Google Play for free to see a wide range of apps Snappii web service already created. Great benefits are just some clicks away.