Monday, June 18, 2012

New Form Enhancements and Calculators on Snappii

An electronic form can be really significant and indispensable feature in your app if your activities include much paper work. Why spend a lot of time and money on paper forms? It is easier to fill them in on devices especially the ones with bigger resolutions. IPad or Android tablets forms will logically replace paper form and will allow you to eliminate paper usage and go green.

Snappii platform allows creating numerous types of electronic forms for various industries and recently has added new and powerful enhancements to form controls. Previously users could submit their filled out forms via email and web post mode in spreadsheets and body formats. Now it is possible to use PDF format as well. You can choose either one format or all three and send out the same form in 3 ways. Multichoice field now enables users to add their own variants and make other users see them and choose. Users can also enter multiple line options on multiple choice input control (for example, for addresses). Due to email enhancement now submitting forms to any email address is available. This feature is powerful indeed as previously it was all limited by entering a single email address and only in the WYSIWYG editor. Now these changes are easy to make within apps. To enrich app functionality some new controls were added to the editor. I'm saying about Table and Calculator controls. Table field allows to add any other fields from the list and multiply them when needed clicking on "Plus" sign. For instance if you want to upload additional pictures, texts, dates this field will be helpful for you. Add fields without going to our site. One more enhancement is connected with the ability to enter formulas and make calculations. Visit our Editor to figure out the opportunities of calculations you can make. Count the difference between days and months (Date/Time Formula), sum up different parameters (Number Formula) in other words make any arithmetic operation you will need with the help of iPhone and Android apps.

If you want such an app, please fill out the App Request Form on our site and get a free prototype app in next 48 hours. Form apps and various calculators are easy to create with Snappii

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