Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snappii Supports Native Android and Goes On Adding Functionality

Now Android apps created on Snappii utilize native Android APIs. That means that Snappii Android apps run faster and became more stable. Additionally, Snappii has introduced new features for its Android platform support.  With the help of the last additions users can implement the following functionality into their apps such as:

-     Create  Android apps in 17 languages
-     Utilize enhanced color schemes;
-     Leverage Google maps to show business locations;
-     Create apps that take photos;
-     Create merchant apps utilizing Paypal functionality
-    QR codes and coupons support
-     and many more useful features coming soon.

Currently our developers are working on User Management project and soon it will be released for Android platform as well. Android apps work the same as iOS ones at the point of stabilty and quality. That is really important for Android admirers.  When submitted to Google play apps don't require reviewing process and are accepted at once. If you appreciate your time and want your app to go live as soon as possible Android app will work the best for you.

Now Snappii supports its apps on many more Android devices and include both working on tablets and smartphones. In case user’s device will not support the apps created on Snappii there will be nothing to worry about as the list of supported devices is available to see, besides it is simple to test Android apps using Preview App to make sure all is working fine. All are welcome to test Android apps on Snappii site. Request an Android app on our site or do it yourself without programming skills.

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