Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Replace Paper Forms With Electronic Ones

Tons of money are spent yearly on paper for offices and field services. That leads to some disadvantages such as wasting much money and inconveniences while working with paper. It can be easily damaged, lost, spoilt and etc. It is difficult to store paper documentation, fill out paper forms and deliver them. It would be dozen times easier to use electronic forms instead.
They are quicker to fill out and submit them via emails and web post modes. The speed of delivery process is great and doesn't require middlemen. How to eliminate paper and replace it with electronic forms inexpensively and rapidly? Request such an app at Snappii site and get a free prototype in the next 48 hours. With the help of this app you will be able to easily handle big volumes of paper work and save your precious time. Besides electronic forms your app will support the following features:

    -Provide directions to your locations
   -Provide a list of medicines
   -One touch call, email, access to website
   -Give info about your pharmacy
   -Eliminate paper and go green
   -Collect feedback from customers
   -To purchase online using PayPal
   -Make orders using electronic forms
   -Services offered
   -Ask questions
   -Social media integration
    -Push notifications/reminders
Together with various types of forms an iPhone or Android app will greatly assist you especially if it goes about iPads and Android tablets as they are more flexible and convenient due to bigger screens. Simplify your business conditions already today and order such an app at Snappii website.

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