Monday, December 26, 2011

True Story From Snappii User

Yesterday was the most important and happiest day of the year, the day when all the members of the family traditionally gather together at the table which is close to be broken under the pressure of tastiest food and drinks. It is a high time to exchange gifts as well.
I was as usual absorbed with my work and totally forgot about looking for gifts for my friends. No, don't think I'm absent-minded and unreliable guy. I bought gifts for most of my relatives and acquaintances but still, you know it's difficult to keep them all in mind, so some of the presents I was going to buy straight before Christmas Eve. I was rushing through the shops full of souvenirs, toys and the similar stuff but still it wasn't the thing I was looking for. Suddenly my iPhone gave a squeak and I decided to figure out what it was. I rummaged in my pockets and finally got it out of it. It was a message and namely a notification sent from one of the convenient stores not far from my house. They were offering great amount of things which could be really good presents and by the way there were discounts. I went straight there and bought all what was needed. Then none of my friends left deprived. I saved my time and money and satisfied came back home earlier than it was expected.
Christmas was a success! I met people whom haven't seen for ages. Today after the holiday I've just remembered about the notification which helped me a lot. I actually decided to make the app of my own which could immediately tell my clients about the offerings in my cafe. I searched in the Web to find out a way to create an app without programming skills and fortunately got luck. Snappii service helps people like me (non-programmers) create apps in minutes and with no coding. I spent some hours and ,hurray, my app was ready. It will allow customers to find my locations, participate in discussions, take and email photos and many more. But the crucial role for me played Dashboard which can be used to send Push Notifications and keep the customers always informed with the news they really need. I enjoy this service and am greatly impressed by the support assistance they have. After holidays my app will be reviewed and seems to be approved by Apple and will go live in the Appstore. I'm looking forward to it and will advise this service to everyone. No doubt, you will find here what you were looking for corresponding to your business.

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