Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Make Mobile Apps For Jewelry Stores

There is plenty of occasions when people take a chance to go to jewelry shops and buy something splendid for their sweethearts, friends and relatives. If you are a jewelry shop owner you are extremely interested in the fact that future newlyweds and the rest of people who want to give jewelry gifts and merely love it will prefer going to your shop not competitors'. To achieve this you need simply to get a mobile app. There is nothing better you can use to promote your business. Here are only some of the advantages iPhone/Ipad and Android apps can offer you and your clients:

- give more info about your products and services
- notify clients about Specials and Discounts using Push Notifications
- make appointments to come in
- purchase jewelry goods online via PayPal
- ask and answer clients questions in Forum
- provide directories to your locations
- list all you products and their description
- take a pic of your ring and send it to a shop to find out if they have something similar
- more

Go request such an app today. Snappii team will provide you with a free prototype already in the next 48 hours. First see your app running on iPhone,iPad or Android device and only then pay. We have lots of templates to perfectly meet your and  other businesses needs.

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