Friday, March 8, 2013

Tablets Beat Out Smartphones for Web Pages Views - Where is Your Business?

After looking at 100 billion visits to 1,000+ websites worldwide, the Adobe Digital Index is reporting that tablets have taken over smartphones for the first time in global web traffic generation. While PC's are still the predominant medium for web surfers, with tablet sales beating out PC sales by more than half at the end of 2012, it is evident that mobile devices will very soon be THE place to go for web browsing. That said, it's virtually impossible for companies not to jump on the mobile bandwagon, no matter the company size or industry, and be visible anywhere.

It goes without saying that if you don't have a website, you aren't being found, but so many companies feel that just having a website is enough. With an anticipated 1.9 billion smartphones slated to be sold this year alone, your company not only needs to be found, it needs to be optimzied for mobile use. Users need to have mobile websites and apps in the palm of their hands that provide a robust and personal experience. Even casual browsing at the beach with a margarita on the weekend, CEO's and consumers alike are looking for easily accessible, engaging content that makes them want to know more. Additionally, employees are looking for ways to easily access corporate systems for off-hour follow up on any number of work-related tasks. If a company isn't providing that enticement, they are potentially getting less than their employees are willing to give and handing their consumer business to their competition!

Providing mobile websites and/or mobile apps that educate, inform, entertain, or otherwise captivate, leads your potential customers and employees to engage more often and for longer periods of time. More time, more work completed, more sales made. If organizations the likes of Google, even as they are streamlining their company, have adopted a "mobile first" strategy, the statement for "going mobile" is clear. Every company is not Google, but that doesn't mean we can't all aspire to be. A mobile site combined with data rich mobile apps is not only realistic for SMB's and the enterprise alike but a necessity. Taking up the mobile charge will do a tremendous amount towards getting any company their fair share, or more, of the mobile browsing market. The companies who do not embrace a mobile strategy, out of fear, misunderstanding, or lack of acceptance of the role mobile will very quickly play in their success, will ultimately disappear.


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