Monday, June 3, 2013

Creating Insurance Property and Causality Apps is Now Easier Than Ever

Over 1 billion smartphones and tablets are in use by customers, employees, partners and agents across the country and around the globe. Consumers are quickly turning mobile app usage from just the fun of social networking and games to the every day necessities of mobile banking, ecommerce and a host of business purposes. Some large insurance companies have increased their marketshare by jumping on the mobile app bandwagon and now it's even easier for any insurance and property/casualty companies to follow suit with their own apps. 
Insurance companies providing mobile apps offer an invaluable services to their customers, employees and partners by providing timely access to information, quotes, claims and account management. Along with a more efficient and cost effective means of managing an internal and external "customer base", a full service insurance app dramatically reduces paper usage for a "go-green" approach to business. 
With an insurance app built on a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use platform offering cross-platform native app functionality:
- Customers can now
  •    Ask for quotes anytime from anywhere
  •    Manage their accounts
  •    Report claims with Pics, video, etc
  •    Eliminate Ajusters making a physical trip to every incident
  •    Pay bills 
  •    Reduce paper forms
  •    Get answers faster any time of the day
- Employees can now:
  • Get access to corporate systems from anywhere, anytime and increase productivity
  • Eliminate paper forms 
  • Leverage BYOD and require less IT purchases
- Partners and Agents can now:
  • Service more clients
  • Service clients faster and easier
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Make less trips and provide timely follow up
Snappii now offers features and functionality that enables full-service, customized Insurance Mobile App creation:
  • Ability to create mobile apps without coding
  • Ability to leverage any programmer and non programmer to create and manage mobile apps
  • Dramatically Reduce cost of mobile apps
  • Enable multiple app releases with minimum effort
  • Support for complex calculations
  • Mobile forms completion and submission (including photos)
  • Complex data access
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy no-coding integration to Legacy systems
Putting the right insurance information into customers' and employees' hands in a timely and efficient manner through a mobile app means improved productivity, increased business and more satisfied customers. That's the kind of insurance policy every business needs.


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