Friday, June 17, 2011

Use Apple Developer account and build your app without programming

Have you thought about a new and popular way to improve your business – to build an iPhone app? Don’t worry, it doesn’t require programming skills or knowledge of html anymore.

It’s not a secret that mobile apps are very popular now. It’s a very good way to promote a business. So, why you don’t have an app? Create it for your restaurant, beauty salon, bank or shop. It’s very easy and doesn’t take much time or special knowledge in programming. You can build an app even if you know nothing about programming. All you need is a special app making service like Snappii.

Snappii will help you create your own iPhone app quickly, simply and for free.

Today Snappii suggests a new feature: creating your own Apple developer account and building apps using it. And if you already have your own Apple developer account – that’s even better!
You don’t know why you need your own developer account to build iPhone apps with Snappii?

There are some good points which will help you understand it.

1. Apple needs a few days to approve your app created from your developer account.

2. If you have your developer account you can test your apps on your iPhone before submitting your app to Apple.

3. And of course you will be an author of your app. No one will know that you used Snappii to create your iPhone app.

4. You'll have direct access to Apple's analytics showing how many downloads your app has had.

So if you march with the times, make an iPhone app for your business, and you will see good results! Create your own Apple developer account and use it to build an app in minutes without programming at all!

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