Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple Has Announced IPad 3

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This new "toy" has been expected with great impatience by all Apple admirers and at last it was released. IPad 3 or how Tim Cook called it "New iPad" was announced the day before yesterday in San Francisco, California. And according to the first impressions and opinions of publicity Apple managed not to disappoint its fans. Let's see what new Apple developers have added to the new version. Some words about its size:

In comparison with its predecessor "new iPad" is 0.6 mm thicker and 0.007 lbs heavier. Its size increased up to 9.7 inch and it weighs 1.4 lbs now. The screen packs a 2048x1536 pixel resolution (3.1 million pixels) and it is ultra-high resolution the one iPad enthusiasts have long clamored for. Apple is finally bringing its famous digital photo editor and organizer to iPad. Originally part of the iLife suite, users can now easily manage, edit and share photos through iPhoto. iPhoto app for iPad comes with a great selection of features that will make editing photos a fun and easy experience for users, no matter what their level of photo editing proficiency happens to be. For how long will Photoshop brand more prevail is not known for sure now. iPhoto is a real competitor which is ready to conquer photo world. In any case we will see the results of upcoming battle.

One more cool feature is on the go - 4G Long Term Evolution is finally available on the new iPad. At the event, it was disclosed the new iPad would support 21Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps, as well as LTE at 73Mbps. The Apple device will run on both AT&T and Verizon LTE networks. As for the continuity of working process it will remain the same. The new device will be able to work up to 10 hours without recharging and maintain the same smoothness iPad is actually known for.

One of the highlighted features is voice dictation Siri. It supports English, French, German and Japanese languages. The latest iOS 5.1 will be supported on iPad 3 as well. So this Apple product can indeed make Android fans silent for some time as it gives a vast number of unique and cool features among such devices.

And in the end the question which interests most - how much iPad costs. The starting sum is from $499 depending on the number of features and design. Looking at your device you think for sure that it is old-fashioned in comparison with new Apple gadget, don't you?

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