Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Appstore Has Hit The Target At 25 Billion Downloads

Try to build own iPhone app with usEstablished only 4 years ago Apple Appstore achieved 25th billion App download yesterday. The man from eastern China Chunli Fu downloaded the "special" app which appeared to be a free version of Where is My Water app. The lucky person got $10,000 iTunes Card for his download. Currently according to the stats there are over 500,000 iOS apps available on the Appstore and about 315 million Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) worldwide which made it possible to reach this number of downloads so fast.

Mobile apps are really hot today and the owners of Apple devices download and install a huge number of apps daily for fun, favorite occupations, business, traveling and etc. It is predicted that less than in a year this enormous figure will double. The popularity and need in mobile apps is constantly growing. Apple devices are available in 123 countries and their number will also increase, even more people will get a chance to buy them in local shops and enjoy a variety of apps Appstore can offer.

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