Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are You Making Your App Or Still Staying Aside?

Try to make own iPhone app with us
Some people who don't have enough experience in programming prefer to think that they cannot achieve the same high results programmers around them have had. And sincerely speaking they are often mistaken. The core of the problem is that to learn to develop mobile apps for example will take too much time and in the end no positive results can be seen. No reason to be disappointed as you can always find the way to workaround a problem. Here is a true user's story how a person like you managed to create the basis of an app having only bare but brilliant idea in mind.

This past weekend I attended the Spotify Music Apps Weekend. For the longest time I wasn't sure I wanted to attend because I don't have a strong programming background and felt I would be obvious I was out of my element, making it hard to find anyone to partner with that could really help me out on the development side. Last minute I decided to attend in hopes that my marketing and design expertise would be enough to convince a hacker to join me.

I have been using the Snappii service the past few months to create a prototype for a music app. So I attended the event with that in hand and began showing it around to developers to see if they were interested in the idea. Several developers loved it right away and joined in on the project. After the weekend was finished, I walked away with a great partner who will continue to develop the app with me going forward.

I just wanted to say that this would not have been possible without Snappii! I'm an entrepreneur at heart and love discussing my ideas with programmers but it's always hard to sell just an idea. Using Snappii I was able to create something that demonstrated the value of the idea, in tangible form, that was easy for programmers to conceptualize.

Thanks so much!

Bryan Bartlett

All are welcome to give a try at where each splendid idea can come true even if you have no palpable programming experience behind. Just get rid of prejudice and start making your app without the necessity to explain to developers all the details of your project. Make it as you feel it using Snappii technology.

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