Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snappii Has Announced Paypal Functionality and User Management Release

Snappii is proud to announce adding new useful features to its WYSIWYG editor. You can find new tabs and buttons such as Paypal, Product List and Shopping Cart in the editor and use them for making your own mobile apps.

Paypal functionality will allow users to purchase physical goods or organization membership that gives them benefits outside the app. To buy multiple items from the app, Product List and Shopping Cart can be used opposite to adding Paypal button which allows to purchase only items at the set price. You can show your clients just a list of products without the ability to purchase goods by dropping Product List on your app.

User management is the feature which can help app creators control their apps usage and set different levels of access to the apps for users. If you pay attention to the tab settings you will notice new badge saying "Set permissions for element". Using default types and some new ones which were specified by you it is really easy to divide the users of your app into several groups. There are three modes you can use separately or simultaneously:

- General mode (default user types)
- Predefined users (presumably your friends/colleges)
- Members (users purchase their membership and get assigned manually or automatically).

These features are really awesome and worth trying on our site. If you have any questions or need more info how it works you are welcome to our FAQ.

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