Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome to Russia

You can find a lot of apps for traveling to different places of interest in the States in Snappii collection. Recently we have decided to expand our coverage and assist you to travel abroad. Welcome our new city guide app which will help you find your way in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District of European Russia. In the course of its history the city has served as the capital of a progression of states, from the medieval Grand Duchy of Moscow and the subsequent Tsardom of Russia to the Soviet Union. Moscow is the site of the Moscow Kremlin, an ancient fortress that is today the residence of the Russian President and of the executive branch of the Government of Russia. It is the most populous city in Russia with the population more than 11 mln people. A visit to Moscow will destroy all your myths regarding brown bears strolling along the streets and drunken men playing the garmoshkas. A huge modern city with lots of business and government offices, places of historic interest will astonish you with its greatness and dignity. Let's see how the app will help you while your journey. First of all it contains the most necessary locations you will have a desire to visit and always keep you updated what is situated nearby. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers are to your order.

The most popular places you will find under tab "Visit me" with a short description about the sights. Metro map will make your way easier and you won't have to be stuck in traffic jams quickly moving from one location to the other. Useful numbers are also in your app in case you encounter a problem though we hope you won't get a chance to use them.While going by metro there is a funny activity for you like reading Russian jokes, taste Russian sense of humor, it is unique and meaningful indeed. Download Moscow city guide app from the Appstore and enjoy your traveling. Soon it will be available on Google Play too. If you are eager to create similar app on your own you are welcome to Snappii site. Here even programming skills are not needed. Give it a try.

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