Friday, April 20, 2012

Snappii Has Released Location Form Input and Web Post Mode

Making apps is becoming easier and the new features released on Snappii will encourage you to create even more functional apps. Previously with the help of Form tabs/buttons everyone could make application forms using the following fields: text, figures, date/time, multichoice and the one allowing to upload photos for submitting them. Now one more enhancement is available - a location input. Due to it it is really convenient to select your location and send it out via form with other data. Clicking on "Select location" will show up your current location and it can be modified in the settings, just add your new location and press "Submit" to submit your location. This feature can be especially useful for taxi apps. People who want to get a taxi can simply select their location and submit it to let a taxi driver know where to pick them up from. Getting a taxi is just several clicks away. It concerns all kinds of transportation. As well the location input is a great way to show on a map and report car accidents, traffic jams, road holes,any occasions happened near you.

Body format for submitting your forms is added to already existing spreadsheet format. Besides Email mode Snappii developers implemented Web Post mode allowing to submit collected data to users' server side. It gives excellent opportunities such as creating charts (using Google Chart API), making any calculators, showing map with some location, etc.

You can make sure yourself how helpful these features can be on our site.

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