Monday, October 15, 2012

How Can Anyone Create Mobile Apps

Recently respective analyst group Gartner has published their report on practically all MADP (mobile app development platforms). The most interesting observation is that each listed platform require programmers to handle them. And it seems to become the most difficult issue to be solved as finding appropriate and cost-effective developers is a hard work. In most cases programmers' fees are high and many companies with low budgets just cannot afford hiring these developers. Their way out is to outsource  programming to India or other countries where app development is some times cheaper. However it can give variable results and at last you might spend time and money and get nothing. What is the answer?

Unfortunately online app building services stayed unnoticed by Gartner and franckly speaking by unknown reasons. Web services which don't require programming skills allow to create powerful and robust native  iOS, Android and HTML5 apps. The quality of mobile apps made by such online builders is being constantly improved and more custom features added. It is coming closer to what programmers can do and if you want to often update your app app building services will meet your requirements better. The app updates are available quicker and much cheaper when using web services.  Snappii is one of the DIY platforms offering custom app development rapidly and at cost-effective prices.

Snappii proposes to solve the “programmer issue”  by enabling anybody: existing staff, programmers skilled in other areas, business analysts etc. to generate front  end apps. They not only can prototype and test UI designs but take it all the way to finished front end (client side) app creation.

Snappii is a platform for rapidly developing, testing, deploying, updating and analyzing Mobile apps. It does not require any programming skills or mobile development knowledge so it can be used by member of your existing staff. We also offer full services and will build your app for you. Visit our website today.

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