Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Enterprises Should Not Outsource App Development

When having not enough people in staff to cover the whole volume of programming work, most companies have to outsource some part of their activities to other enterprises. It has become already a common experience especially when it goes about enterprise mobile development platforms.

However it is not an easy task to find a reliable company which you can trust. These companies should meet all of your requirements such as to be a high quality, to fulfill tasks according to a schedule, not to cost much.
On the one hand it seems to be a really great solution to outsource iOS/Android app development to free up your own programmers to work on back-end systems. In case when outsourcing to India it may even be more cost-effective and cheaper than hiring new developers in your country.

As everything in our life it can have a reverse side on the other hand. Among main disadvantages is the loss of control existing by the following reasons:

- app development will be made in other countries, let's say in India, hence it will be harder to explain to them exact requirements
- different time zones slow the process greatly, conversations via Skype or emailing  won't replace real talk
- security risk
- if you collaborate with this company for the first time it can be dangerous indeed. No guarantee that you will receive what you have asked for
- in some cases the expenses may be higher than getting new people to your team

Hence to correctly outsource  app development enterprise you need to mull everything over throughly to avoid risky situations. It will take much time though.

Another solution and even more reasonable is using a web service Snappii. Outsourcing to Snappii is safe and inexpensive.

Snappii is a platform for rapidly developing, testing, deploying, updating and analyzing Mobile apps. It does not require any programming skills or mobile development knowledge so it can be used by member of your existing staff. Snappii also offers full services and will build your app for you.

As it is US based there won't be problems while communicating and discussing the details of synergy. Besides app development here is 30x times faster than any experienced developers can offer.

Go check Snappii site to know more about it, see powerful mobile apps and make your business successful and stable. With Snappii it is simple.

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