Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Advantages of Snappii 2.0 Release. Part 1. How to Sort and Search Data in Advanced List

After several months of hard and fruitful work Snappii mobile development enterprise has finally released long-expected Snappii 2.0 project. This release gives a lot of new opportunities in creating mobile apps both for DIY and Full Service customers. Due to Snappii 2.0 now users have the ability to store data in their iOS applications and submit it when needed via email. It has become some times quicker to add new data to mobile apps without even uploading Excel spreadsheets as Snappii users used to do before. With the help of new tabs and buttons such as Advanced List and Advanced Form Snappii clients can easily modify and customize List view and use Data Sources in forms. This project deserves numerous blog entries to be covered. So let's move step by step. 

The topic of today is how to sort and search data in the Advanced List. This feature is indispensable when you have to upload lists with many items. Let's say you are an owner of dental clinic and have a big stuff. To add the whole list with their names and description you don't need to create complicated spreadsheets. Instead you can make a simple spreadsheet with some Headers like: Name, Date of Birth, Education, Experience, etc. Later in the app there will be an option to add information to corresponding headers. The list will be constantly growing and at the same time easy to use. That became possible due to Sorting and Searching information according to set parameters. In the screenshot you can see a Data Source dialog where Sorting and Searching details are specified. Just check the needed type to make it Sortable and Searchable. These buttons will appear in your app after it to enable you to fulfill these operations. If you let's say want to find all hygienists working in your clinic you click on Advanced Search button and enter the keyword in the Header2 which reflect names of your team and their speciality. As shown in the example only 4 people appeared to be hygienists and the list itself is huge, everyone will spend hours to find the person without an ability to make advanced search. 

Sorting is another helpful feature. It works the same way as sorting, you check fields you need to be sortable and make ascending or descending view. Alphabetical order will help you  to faster and more conveniently handle large volumes of data in your mobile app.
a descending view

The features above can be useful for various purposes and regardless the business you are into. You can try to make such an app yourself or order it in our App Request Form. Visit Snappii website today to keep up with up-to-date technologies.

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