Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Promote Car Sales Using QR codes

QR codes appeared at the end of the 20th century in Japan and were not popular first in other countries. However their status has undergone a change.Time showed that QR code opportunities in promoting your business seem to be unlimited. Simplicity in use and the ability to include lots of information in tiny odd-designed squares are making them one of the smartest tools in modern marketing. It doesn't matter what business you are into. Let's consider the advantages QR codes can bring into auto dealerships.

1.QR codes will help you encode all the necessary information about your business. They can contain your business locations, redirect users to your website or to a definite page to tell them more specifically of what and how you are doing.
2.Put a QR code on a vehicle to enable clients to get a spec sheet. It will show them details they can easily forget like car mileage, price, production date and etc.
3. Place QR codes in your newspaper/magazines ads or somewhere on your site to raise prospects' curiosity and provide them with more details about your business at once.
4. A QR code on your business card and/or badge will allow people to scan and easily get your contact info and save it into their phone contact list with one touch. That is really convenient,isn't it?
5. Redirect prospects to your social media pages to get more Facebook and Twitter fans.
This list can be continued for sure with more specific and extravagant ideas, still using at least these 5 ways will greatly help you in promoting your car sales.
Now you have a good opportunity to implement QR codes into your mobile apps using Snappii functionality.
Creating your own app with QR code images and QR code scanner will kill two birds with one stone. A mobile app itself will contain plenty of information for your prospects and clients and QR codes will make it even more functional and help you expand your business by attracting more and more car admirers.

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