Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QR Code Coupons For Your Small Business

Try to make own iPhone app with usThey say that if you have a perfect service and a qualitative product it will steadily attract new customers and keep existing ones with you. However new interesting ideas won't disturb your marketing strategy and will even assist you to obtain new clients. One of such modern and successful ideas is the usage of QR code coupons. The time of paper coupons people needed to cut out is gradually going to the past. Remember all these pieces of paper you had to collect to get discounts, you kept them somewhere in the pockets or in your bag and it happened frequently that when it was the time to use them you found them torn and useless or lost them at all. QR code coupons are much more convenient. All that your customers will have to do is to scan QR code with their camera-enabled smartphone. Then instantly they will see a message on their screens saying they get a discount or any other special offer or are notified that they need to get QR code scanned for a particular number of times more to receive a reward. Next time they go to your shop/cafe etc. they can easily retrieve the code stored in smartphone memory and while purchasing get one more scan of your coupon.

All the necessary info will be available to you: how many times clients scanned a coupon,what time they did it and etc. It is especially important for tracking usage of your service.

Using QR code coupons is cheaper than printing out usual coupons, besides it will eliminate the usage of paper and save our forests.

It seems to be amazing and no doubt will attract new clients both children and adults as it is one more thing people can do with their smartphones and they are hot today.
Having a mobile app with the ability to scan and count the number of QR code coupon scans is becoming a great tool in promoting products and services. On Snappii site you will be able to create a mobile app with implemented QR code scanner and coupons. The content of coupons can be simply modified according to your business offers and sales. The role of QR codes and coupons themselves is growing all the time and really crucial. Don't lose time,go to our site to make a mobile app and find out more about QR code coupons usage and profit.

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