Friday, February 3, 2012

QR Code Implementation Support

Snappii has launched another perfect feature which improves mobile apps functionality and seems to be a great option for small businesses- QR code. Now users have the ability to add QR codes images, generate their own QR codes and implement QR code scanner into their apps. Now let's make a more detailed look at these opportunities.

Creating QR codes will not take much time. Just fill out the form with required information and after Save button is pressed your QR code image will appear. You can change the size of an image depicting QR code. In a drop-down menu the following types of QR codes are available:

-Contact info
-Email address
-Geo location
-Phone #
-Calendar Event

Taking into consideration the titles of types you can draw a conclusion what each of them is meant for and what will appear on your screen after a particular QR code is scanned. Geo location type of QR code,for instance, will redirect you to a map showing the locations, the coordinates of those you inputted when creating the QR code.
The opportunity of making QR code coupons will attract attention of most small businesses and not only, especially the ones who work closely with their customers and have special and seasonal deals and offers like department stores, supermarkets and etc. Now using QR code coupons you can make it possible for clients to get discounts by scanning QR code you will keep under "Lock and Key" and allow to scan only after a purchase is made. You will control the number of scans customers must make to get something due to the option of QR code scan count you can specify in settings. The main point is that in order to scan QR code clients will need to download your app from Apple Appstore as the other QR code scanners can actually scan the given QR code image but won't count the number of scans allowing to get the "Special". It will speed and simplify the process of servicing and keep your clients engaged as they find scanning to be funny and pleasant stuff. In any case your business will win using up-to-date technology, it will help you stand out of the crowd of similar competing services.

Go to Snappii site and check out the advantages of making QR codes and implementing them into your mobile apps.

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