Tuesday, February 7, 2012

QR Code Scanner from Snappii App Maker

QR codes have been around for a while. At first not many people knew about them but their number has been constantly growing and now you can see them practically everywhere where a flat surface is available to stick a QR code image to. QR code is a great tool for promoting your business and products, more and more entrepreneurs are involved in using them in marketing. To read the information encoded in QR code you need a camera-enabled smartphone and a good QR code scanner. Possibly you have already tried many different QR code scanners. Some of them were good enough, some failed to scan QR codes and it just bothered you.
Here is the QR code scanner which impresses by its effectiveness and simplicity in use. Just download this app for your iPhones and iPads, point your smartphone camera at the QR code you want to be scanned and in some moments the result will be seen on the screen of your device. You may be redirected to particular websites, get some contact info (email, phone #, address and etc.), see business locations on a map, schedule events and many more. Most of different types of data can be encrypted in QR codes (their possibilities are almost unlimited) and this scanner will help you decode them all. There is also an opportunity to share the codes you scan with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

QR Code Scanner from Snappii can be downloaded from the Appstore and it is completely free.Vivid and unique Snappii design will cheer you up in these cold winter days. Install the app, turn your phone into a QR Code scanner and start connecting the physical world to your mobile device.

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