Monday, February 13, 2012

QR Codes For Your Retail Business

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The QR code debate will no doubt go on for some time. While still some entrepreneurs are thinking if they are worth using or not, we will continue discussing the advantages of QR codes which can brought into your business. Let's see how you can use QR codes functionality in your retail business.
First of all you should be creative. Your imagination can help you a lot in finding the way to show QR code and consider what type of info will be the most attractive for your prospects and customers so then later when scanning the code they will be really satisfied with the stuff they will see.
1.The first step is to place a QR code to the back of your business card. This QR code will lead clients to your website,your social channels like Facebook and Twitter accounts, contain your contact info or you can put a calendar event into it. Then you will be able to send out invitations with calendar events encoded in QR code.
2. Put QR codes on clothing tags, books, electronic goods and toys. It is inconvenient to place much information for customers to read on their surface. Encode product instructions, new product launches, competitions. QR codes will work perfect in this case.
3. You can use QR codes on staff uniforms, name tags and signature. That will help customers to get your contact info.
4. Let your prospects find out your business locations. QR code can show them up on a map when being scanned.
5. A giveaway is an excellent way to drive traffic to your business. Use QR code coupons to be able to track customers' usage of your service. That will enable you to give them discounts and special offers. After specific times of scans your clients will be able to see a message telling them about a discount, a special offer etc. QR code coupons technology make it easy to count the number of scans done by customers.
All of these methods can really help you in promoting your retail business. Implementing something new in your business strategy is always risky, however QR codes become common things in marketing and using them can hardly ever do any harm to your product promotions. They have been on the run in Japan for the last 20 yeas and we can witness that QR codes have become a usual marketing tool there and soon it will be the same in Europe and USA.
If you are really interested in making QR codes work for you, Snappii is always pleased to assist you in creating mobile apps with QR code functionality. Go to Snappii website and check out how it works. Investing some time in your app making will help your business succeed greatly. Just give it a try.

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