Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Construction Industry Can Benefit From Iphone/Ipad And Android Apps

As you know smartphones are hot today as they save a lot of precious time and greatly assist businesses and not only. More people access the Web using their smartphones and Apple products than from PCs. In some industries these useful devices get specific meaning especially the ones where people spend more of their working time out of offices and work in the field e.g. construction industry. It is obvious that using mobile platforms which are filled up with necessary functions and can be easily placed in the pocket seem to be the most appropriate for field services. Construction projects especially commercial construction, road and bridge construction, field construction, school construction often run into many millions of dollars and maintaining documentation is essential to manage the project and for legal reasons. Creating a special app for construction services will first of all help key personnel and construction project management handle daily reports which are a must do. These reports can contain texts as well as different images and other various data. 

Using mobile apps construction people will fill out daily reporting and field reporting forms and submit them immediately.  No reason to waste paper as all data can be sent out this way. Same applies for all regulatory forms.  Filling out forms using apps is easier for field works, convenient and more timely.  Apps should also let customers monitor the progress daily and report disagreements or desired changes right away to save money. Besides the app can include all the info about the company, contact details and a website to be simply reached. All reference material can also be made accessible through the app. For more detailed reports iPad or Android  tablets should be used as it gives bigger screen to work with.

If you are interested, such an app can be quickly created by Snappii. Fill out the Request Form on our site and the reply will be given in the next 24 hours. Really excellent and cost-effective apps for your construction industry will save you most of time and money. In case you have no time to invest into your app you can have Snappii team maintain your app for you. Here are three full service plans for your convenience. Choose any and Snappii will create the app and make updates for it. And you just use and benefit from your iPhone, iPad and/or Android functional app for construction service.

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