Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Make A Restaurant App

Many people download iPhone, iPad and Android apps on their devices to simplify their lives. Mobile apps can help you a lot, doesn't matter if you use them for working purposes or for entertainment. At weekends or in the evenings when working day is over most are eager to walk out somewhere to have a rest. Hospitality services are what tired people need. The more potential clients can find out about your business using their mobile devices the better. Practically all have smartphones, tablets on their own because they are always with you and allow you searching web on the go. Having your app installed on someone's gadget will greatly increase you chances to be found. Why go to an unknown restaurant and probably spoil your spare time. Restaurant app will tell everything about your service including working hours, location, contacts, dishes, feedback and etc. Having all such info on their palms will lead people to your restaurant as they already will know what you are and what you can offer to them.
Let's take a look at only some of the features iOS and Android Restaurant apps offer:

Map – provide directions
Contact- call - place to go orders – email – access to website
Reservation Forms – Customers can request reservations
Menu – Display your menu
Feedback – customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
Specials – Specials can be announced
Push Notifications – Fill the seats when business is slow

Besides you can reward customers' loyalty by implementing QR codes coupons into your mobile app. PayPal functionality will allow visitors to pay their orders and reserve tables. Don't forget about fun, it is common for people to take pictures and share them with friends. Take and Email Pic Button will do that. If you still hesitate take a look at Snappii demo apps by downloading Preview app and you will see how many various and many-sided applications they have already created. You can get your own here! Send your Request Form to Snappii and soon you will notice the benefits of having such an app. It will drive clients to your restaurant, cafe, bar as iPhone and Android applications are a great promotional tool. Your clients will always find you among numerous competitors. Just give it a try.

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