Friday, May 18, 2012

How iOS and Android Apps Assist Equipment Inspecting

We continue reviewing the ways how mobile apps can simplify working process of many industries.
Every business should use up-to-date technologies to promote themselves and make the work quicker. Let's take a look at equipment inspecting industry. Equipment inspecting is necessary as cranes, heavy machinery, trucks and other kinds of equipment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process usually takes a lot of time as requires much paper work and reaching distant locations. How to eliminate paper forms and make sure what has to be fixed and where. And there is a real way out of the problem - mobile apps. iPhone/iPad and Android apps allow operators to check in daily so that locations are known. Using various types of forms workers can easily send reports containing all the necessary information including an exact location, pictures of equipment problems, comments on the issues and so on. All such apps due to Nearby functionality and form enhancements can easily track the equipment. Identify and document what type of inspections have taken place and when the inspection took place. Useful apps created by Snappii will eliminate manual process and paper.

If you are interested in such an app and want to get one for your iPhone,iPad or Android feel free to let us know about it here. Snappii builds a lot of apps to work on different platform simultaneously for every industry. Go download the Snappii Preview app and see which apps are already there. Don't forget to visit App Gallery in where the best apps are included.

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