Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Create mCommerce Apps with Snappii

Recently Snappii has released PayPal functionality and now it is available in the editor. InApp purchases are becoming popular. It is really convenient to pay for various goods and single items using mobile apps. Let's take a look at how you can easily create your own mCommerce app. 

First of all come to Snappii WYSIWYG editor and start creating your app. You can add PayPal button to Custom tab, then specify the settings. To fit your app excellent play with its size, there are three dimensions available. Keep in mind that you need to enable PayPal functionality in PayPal settings, otherwise you won't find the button when previewing your app. The following fields need to be filled out: Description, Item ID, Product name, Item Price. Due to the last changes now it is possible to enter any amount for purchasing products, just check the appropriate box. As well tax and shipping can be added to the starting price, check the boxes if you need this. Later you will upload the spreadsheets for them in PayPal settings in the menu on the left. Sample spreadsheets are available in the settings and will help you create your own ones following the patterns. To use PayPal functionality everyone needs to input his Live App Id. To get it you will have to go thru the whole process of approval specified here. PayPal button will perfect suit you in case the main idea of your app is to purchase a definite product or e.g. membership in the app. 

To perform multiple purchases there is a Product List (upload a spreadsheet with needed parameters and data). App users will see the list of products with images and price. Tapping on any product will move it to a Shopping Cart you need to add to your app in advance. For your convenience you can use both tabs and buttons and instead of separate tabs add buttons to Custom tab. Once products are in the Shopping Cart they can be purchased. As you see the whole process is really simple and can be done in minutes - the single exception is awaiting for Live App Id approval. In case you will have questions regarding PayPal usage you can contact us or look it up in our FAQ. Together with other cool features Snappii offers your app can become a really useful one and everyone will want to have it on their devices. Go ahead and try making your own mCommerce app.

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