Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business

Sending emails is an important promotional tool most businesses use for marketing purposes. Besides PCs people can easily send them using their smartphones and other mobile devices. Email marketing is still powerful but sending enourmous number of emails every day to numerous email addresses seems to look like spam and therefore become an annoying thing people don't want to get. That is the reason why many emails get straight to spam folders and never will be read and replied.  Piles of emails are just sent out in vain. Here comes the time of notifications. Let's see which advantages they can offer us and how they differ from usual emails.

Push Notifications become more widely spread as the popularity of mobile gadgets is growing, more and more people all over the world buy devices for their work and entertainment.  Users receive pop-up messages telling them some news, discounts, any stuff which can be helpful. Push notifications are like email 15 years ago, people actually pay attention. Having an iPhone,iPad or Android app will allow you to store a lot of different notifications you get. Notifications can be scheduled on sent ad hoc. That's a excellent way to show your attention to customers and reward their loyalty. Share with clients not only special offers but congratulate them on holidays and wish them good holidays. They will appreciate this for sure. Except some short lines notifications can contain URLs and images to provide more info on the subject. Geo fencing will allow sending notification when users are within certain geographic area like driving by a store. Notifications give a plenty of opportunities every business can use and get benefits.

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