Friday, May 11, 2012

Snappii Builds Apps For Trucking Companies

Today we continue reviewing the ways how various industries can benefit from using mobile apps. Now it is the turn of trucking services. Trucking allows to supply provisions and goods to the most distant locations on a map even. It is clear that running big trucks is very expensive due to fuel costs and long distances. To achieve maximum efficiency a total control is necessary- apps for trucking will do. That's why dispatchers need to know where the trucks are at all time. Knowing the routes can help dispatchers create optimum deliver and minimize travel while maximizing pay load. Keeping truck drivers informed about traffic jams or road works can save a great amount of time to reach a destination. With the help of trucking mobile app these tasks are easily performed. Google maps we use in our Map and Nearby controls will always show where a truck is, specify the mileage, create the shortest route.

Besides driving there is a lot of paper work common for trucking drivers. They need to fill out many forms such as bill of goods, landing declaration when goods are loaded and unloaded and in route at weigh stations. This procedure has some drawbacks such as losing some documentation on the way to a destination, paper is easily destroyed and etc. Here comes smartphones and tablets to your service. Mobile app installed on your device can contain all the forms needed to be filled out. You will never lose this data and always have easy and quick access to it. Truck drivers will be able to send forms out to email addresses or server sides. For years big companies like JB Hunt were trying to stick computers into trucks but it is expensive and not convenient for truckers. iPhone/iPad and Android apps are more flexible and convenient in use for the same purposes. Today most drivers already have such devices on their own as they understand how helpful they are at work. Forms can include not only some written data but location parameters as well as photos. Photos can be taken to validate conditions of inventory in transit.

While you are driving you will always have a helpful friend in your pocket. If you are interested in getting fleet management or trucking app, feel free to go to our Site and fill out the form with your requirements. We will be happy to create such apps for trucking companies, exactly as you want them. All are welcome!

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