Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Develop Apps For Mid-Sized Companies

If you have a definite idea for your app and know exactly which platforms it will run on you probably already asked yourself -"how will I make it"? Let's say you are not a programmer and not going to become a one. There are two ways left then: hiring app developer or using online app builder service. In this blog entry we will filter the advantages of the second method and give the correct answer to the question why online builders are better. To expand one's business and attract new clients you need a powerful mobile app. The more platforms it will support the better. Don't forget about web apps they are popular and besides can be a good alternative to your existing website. The number of people being online from mobile devices is increasing that's why such an app seems even indispensable not to lose contact with your clients. Let's list the disadvantages of hiring developers:

- It is not easy. Good developers are hard to find
- It is expensive. On shore mobile apps developers in USA cost $80.per hour
- It is unreliable. Outsourcing to India creates variable results
- And again it is expensive. If your app is dynamic and needs to be updated frequently you will have to hire developers each time and pay for it.

App building services don't need programmers, spend less time on app development days vs months (using already existing code to better meet your needs), and moreover it is some times cheaper. Snappii web service will fit your business requirements perfectly. The app development here is quick and inexpensive.  Snappii supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Web apps. A great range of features allows to create really flexible and powerful apps which are robust and rapid. Visit Snappii site today and get your app live already tomorrow.

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