Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Advantages Of Mobile Sites And Web Apps

The up-to-date world goes mobile. Everything is intended to be mobile to better suit modern people's needs. Websites are not an exception. Today the popularity of mobile optimized websites is constantly growing. Here are only some of the advantages of mobile friendly websites:

- no need to work from desktop, mobile devices are easily kept in the pocket and are always with you
- mobile optimized websites have simpler but at the same time more comprehensive layout and information. Usual sites often contain excessive data which users wouldn't need at their first visit to the site. Mobile sites give exactly the things that prospects may need and nothing abundant.
- mobile sites development is usually far more cheaper than app creating. This is an important reason why most businesses make mobile sites first and only then decide to get a mobile app
- a mobile app is faster, more interactive and can integrate with all kinds of other phone features. But the app must be installed to be of any use at all, while a good mobile site can simply be navigated to on a user’s whim.

There is one cool thing which can combine both (mobile site and mobile app) in one. It is as fast as mobile app and easy to make and get to work as mobile site (just enter the url in any browser). Snappii specializes in creating both native apps and HTML5 apps. If all native apps are to go through Apple or Google review web apps don't need to. It saves both time (Apple review takes up to 2 weeks) and money as well. You don't have to pay annual fees to be a part of Apple or Google Developers programs. Just create an app and get it live in a few moments. Go try to make your own app for free.

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