Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Are Mobile Optimized Websites Important?

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular nowdays. The main advantage they offer is that people can use them on the go. Recently users have had to use PCs and laptops to surf on the net, but now this habit has undergone a change. Not only the youth prefer to search for something with the help of gadgets but also small children and old people use iPads and iPhones for fun and business in all over the world. Devices can be easily taken wherever and whenever you go and they can practically fully replace PCs' functionality. The situation is obvious - mobiles are going to exclude PCs usage and already made this in cases when people work in fields and need to handle large amount of paper work.

This conformity leads to mobile optimized web sites increase. When people look at usual websites using their personal devices they lack some features. First of all the mobile devices have smaller screens that cause a lot of scrolling and pinching to make the view abequate and easy to read and understand. Besides one needs to do it to fit reasonably an input mode. Common sites usually contain enormous quantity of data which seems sometimes even excessive and useless for users. That makes the first rule for mobile optimized websites - the description should be short but at the same time really informative.  Even though you may have lots of things in your desktop website, mobile users aren’t as interested in a lot of content, they usually use their mobile devices to look for specific information. So keep it simple, and also keep it logical: prioritize the information and show the most important things first. Secondly besides of keeping mobile site simple, you must keep your contents well organized, in a single column layout. This way, your users will have no problems finding the needed information, and if you can also prioritize the information, they will have a better mobile experience in your website, which is essential for business. The easier they can reach you the better your business will be promoted and soon become visible among other competitors. Mobile sites are also important as mobile apps. To be continued...

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